Eevee the Magical Fox Companion by Lazer
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Eevee the Magical Fox
by Lazer

Eevee is a new lore-friendly companion which can be found south of Stendarr's Beacon all alone inside the remains of his owner's burned down house. His owner had been an inexperienced conjurer who carelessly summoned a flame atronach that burned down his house with him in it. Eevee managed to escape but has no one left to look after him :(

Eevee will follow you if talked to and will fight alongside similar to a companion dog. If dismissed Eevee will go back to the burned house or one of your owned houses if set to live there. Eevee can also carry your things and initially has his owner's set of flawless gems in possession.

If you happen to have any spare elemental salts on hand Eevee can be temporarily transformed into a variety of forms.

***NOTE: I'm looking for help to make Eevee cast magic from a distance (like how a chaurus/spider can spit). If you have any idea how to make this work please pm me or post in this thread. Also if you enjoy this mod please don't forget to vote/endorse! Thanks!

New to version 3.11

After a long time off from this project I've released version 3.11. Trying to tie up some loose ends, specifically:

  • Fixed typo when setting Eevee's home.
  • Hopefully fixed potential infighting between Eevee and other companions. Please let me know if this is still a problem.
  • Eliminated time limit for Eevee transformations.
Eevee's Alternate Forms


Due to a bunch of script files and other resources that may change between versions, it is highly recommend to download using the NMM. This way everything should go where it belongs automatically and will make upgrading a breeze for newer versions.

If downloading manually, copy the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim's Data folder. This includes EeveeFox.esp and the Scripts/Meshes/Textures folders provided. Keep track of these (scripts especially) for removal later if upgrading.

IMPORTANT: When updating from an older version or if having difficulty getting Eevee's dialogue to open:

  • Load mod, go in game, save, close.
  • Load/save once more. Close final time.
  • Load game and the scripts should have reset.
This appears to work and solved an issue which had previously halted progress for me.Eevee uses the default fox noises for breathing. If this is too loud for you there's a mod that can be used to help with this: Fox breathe lowered

Youtube Reviews
thanks LiveStyleGaming and Seriezs!!

Previous Updates

  • Vampiric form added.
  • Added some cool new effects when Eevee transforms.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • You can now tell Eevee where to live!!
  • Eevee's Spirit form added.
  • Significant changes to Eevee's script/dialogue.
  • Cleaned the mod a bit and removed leftover stuff that may have caused conflicts with other mods.
  • Eevee can be recruited regardless of another animal companion. (also fixes a bug that some people were having getting Eevee to recruit!)
  • Added Eevee's ice and electric forms.
  • Dialogue bugfixes to allow full interaction with all elemental forms.
  • Compatibility fixes so there should be less conflict with follower mods.
  • Added Eevee's flame form.
  • Eevee's normal form will now only perform basic melee attacks. Flame form takes advantage of fire based attacks.
  • Fixes confusion on the location of the Scripts folder in the zip (now nested in the Data folder as it should be).
  • Eevee now casts fire attacks.
  • Fixes a missing scripts folder essential to following >_<