Better Quality Ebony Armour Gold and Normal Versions by Roborabbit
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Added: 22/11/2011 - 07:52AM
Updated: 29/11/2011 - 01:59AM

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Last updated at 1:59, 29 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 7:52, 22 Nov 2011

New Updates: I update this texture pack often (almost daily) so you may want to track this file if you like the texture changes that I am making :D

-Added gold version male textures and new pictures of the gold version for males :D

-Uploaded a new screenshot of the ebony shield vanilla and after my tweaks. I have overlayed the original shield texture with two 4096x4096 steel textures to give it a better look, also created a new normal map for it.
Take a look at the screenshot and comment please. Shield Comparison
Note: I have not uploaded this yet as I want to retexture/edit the rest of the ebony weapon textures and upload them all at once.

-Added the male textures for the ebonymail armour. The download includes my modified normal textures for the ebonyarmour head, gloves, and boots.

Old Updates:
-Added Black Armour with Gold Trim for male textures. This is a WIP (work in progress) I am not entirely happy with the gold trim at the moment (seems a little bright still). Please leave feedback on this texture in the comments, need your feedback to make it better.

-Normal Male Version Added! See Screenshots :D (looks a bit better than female version, so I might redo female version)


Ebony armour is my favourite model in Skyrim, and I was disappointed that the designs on the armour are not very visible, and the armour seemed a bit dull.

These textures make the designs on the armour stand out and takes the grey layer that the armour seemed to have on it, causing it to look dull away. Also added a gold version...
See pictures

Currently only changed the female textures, will work on male ones if people like/want to see them because at the moment I don't need them for myself and there are a lot of other textures that need to be fixed :]

May add a silver version if people request one or any other colour for that matter.

Drop the data folder into your skyrim directory.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim

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