Warbound - Unique Horse by Wolfsong
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Last updated at 19:29, 4 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 6:34, 18 Feb 2012

Update: I'm going through and making things pretty again! Troubleshooting of all mods involving horses will be occurring. All of my mount mods (you know, all two of them) are going to be receiving updates soon-ish. Bug Reports ARE ENABLED!

Warbound is essential, invulnerable, and if you kill him by riding him off a cliff, he respawns, although you would have to reset him to non-essential and invulnerable to kill him.
Warbound's texture is an alternate texture from Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack. I strongly suggest using her textures with my mods, because they are fantastic. Also, the saddle in the picture does not come included, it is yet another of Bellyache's mods. This one is Bellyache's Fur and Quilted Saddles, which is unfortunately no longer available.

I highly recommend using NMM until I manage to do all of my troubleshooting. Extra installation instructions are in the ReadMe

Reverse what you did to install. This will be updated soon, promise.

Warbound should work with any horse related mod. If you find an issue, please let me know.

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