Warbound - Unique Horse by Wolfsong
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Warbound is essential, invulnerable, and if you kill him by riding him off a cliff, he respawns, although you would have to reset him to non-essential and invulnerable to kill him.

Please see the ReadMe for installation instructions.

Warbound's texture is an alternate texture from Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack. I strongly suggest using her textures with my mods, because they are fantastic. Also, the saddle in the picture does not come included, it is yet another of Bellyache's mods. This one is Bellyache's Fur and Quilted Saddles!

If you use Better Horses/Educated Horses, make sure you install those mods FIRST and then this one.

Here is a link to Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack. They are fantastic textures, and i highly recommend them.
Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack

To find Warbound's ID:

Open Console: ~
Type: Help "Warbound" 0
Find Warbound's ID from list
Type: player.placeatme WarboundID 1

Please enjoy Warbound and if you find a glitch or issue, please post an image of the issue and a comment. Thank you.

Be careful about going into Embershard mine after installing Warbound. I highly recommend completeing the mine BEFORE installing, because currently he disappears if you enter and exit.
And I found something funny today. I was playing on my Orc that i use for testing purposes, and I have both Warbound and the Dovahkiin's Hideout installed. So i apparently went into the Mine at some point, but i didn't really care because i use Frost on that character. So i enter the Hideout afterwards... and Warbound is sticking its head and front half out of the wall about halfway up in the armor and weapon display room. I thought it was funny, and random, so if anyone else encounters this, please tell me, because i would love to find out what causes that.