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Added: 18/02/2012 - 05:49AM
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Last updated at 16:35, 7 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 5:49, 18 Feb 2012

Update 7/7/13: I have lost interest in this mod and have no further plans to update it. Those of you that are still using this or looking for a bound armor mod should check out foster xbl's True Bound Daedric Armors found here I haven't used it myself but it seems to be pretty popular and looks really cool from the screenshots. Thank all of you for playing and endorsing my mod.


This mod adds Bound Armor spells to the game reminiscent of the ones found in Oblivion. Their tomes can be bought from traders or found in random loot. There are seperate spells for each piece of armor, as well as for combinations of pieces.

For those that haven't played Oblivion or just don't know what Bound Armor is, this mod adds spells to the Conjuration school that allow the caster to summon pieces of Daedric armor. The armor is weightless and lasts for two minutes unless the caster unequips it. When the spell is cast, it checks the caster's Light Armor and Heavy Armor skills to see which is higher, and then equips a Light or Heavy version of the summoned piece of armor accordingly. The two versions are exactly the same, other than one version is considered "Light Armor," while the other version is considered "Heavy Armor."

As of Version 1.01, this mod adds nine new Bound Armor spells to the game:
- Bound Armor
- Bound Boots
- Bound Gauntlets
- Bound Helmet
- Bound Shield
- Bound Battlemage: Summons boots, gauntlets, and cuirass
- Bound Knight: Summons boots, gauntlets, cuirass, and shield
- Bound Sorcerer: Summons boots, gauntlets, cuirass, and helmet
- Bound Warrior: Summons boots, gauntlets, cuirass, helmet, and shield


Just extract LeazerBoundArmor.esp and LeazerBoundArmor.bsa to your Skyrim/Data folder

*** CHANGE LOG ***

1.00 - Initial release
1.01 - Added four new spells: Bound Battlemage, Bound Knight, Bound Sorcerer, and Bound Warrior
1.02 - Fixed a bug where some armor pieces were not being re-equipped on a recast of the full suit spells