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Added: 18/02/2012 - 01:20AM
Updated: 13/05/2014 - 02:23PM

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Last updated at 14:23, 13 May 2014 Uploaded at 1:20, 18 Feb 2012

This mod adds a nodachi, katana, daikatana, tanto, waraxe, bow, arrows, one-handed sword, a greatsword, a mace, a warhammer, a battleaxe, a scythe, and two styles of dagger to the Dragon section of the smithing menu. The weapons are all original models and textures, with scabbards. The stats are stronger than Daedric, which is lore-friendly for Morrowind and makes more sense in terms of perk progression. It is Dawnguard compatible and the recipes and stats are similar to the official Bethesda weapons.

I also made a new staff model. These are not craftable, so I gave them custom enchantments and put them in the inventory of three masked dragon priests.

Version Updates:

V4- re-did the one-handed sword, added a battleaxe, a scythe, and 3 unique staves
V3.1- added the greatsword and mace
V3.0- added a daikatana and one handed sword
V2.3- added the nodachi
V2.2- added the arrows
V2.1- all of the weapons have improved normal maps
V2- added warhammer, bow
V1- daggers, katana, tanto, waraxe

Sorry for the micro updates. I just like to make things available as soon as they are done.

And for all you non-smiths out there. Ironman 5000 has included my mod in his newly updated weapons overhaul. So if you get his mod, these will be placed throughout Tamriel.


Oak333- for giving me some amazing screenshot of the weapons.
Ironman5000- for placing these weapons in his weapons overhaul.
officebeardontcare- for his great weapon importing tutorial on youtube

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