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Gender and Race Heights by Machienzo - Nemesis
Skyrim » NPC
Added: 18/02/2012 - 12:41AM
Updated: 19/10/2013 - 04:18PM

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Uploaded by Machienzo


Last updated at 16:18, 19 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 0:41, 18 Feb 2012


I have added an NMM installer, so if you're using NMM, simply download the Mod with the manager and activate it and it will automatically select and install the correct version for you.

If you want to install manually, then, if you don't have Dawnguard installed, use the Basic version.
Only if you have Dawnguard installed, use the Dawnguard file instead.

The Mod has now been updated to work with Feminine Females, if you have it, make sure that this Mod is loaded AFTER Feminine Females in your load order.

There is now a German version available in the "Optional Files" section, translated by Chojin2013 (thanks buddy). For German users, this should be the version that you install instead of the main file.

Same Height Listings
*Heights marked with an asterisk (*) were changed.
Otherwise they are in the base game. Do not worry about conflicting lore.

Adult (Including Vampire)
Altmer (High Elves) - Male: 1.08, Female 1.06*
Argonian - Male: 1.01, Female 1.00
Bosmer (Wood Elves) - Male 0.98, Female 1.00
Breton - Male: 1.00, Female: 0.95
Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Male: 1.00, Female: 0.97*
Imperial - Male: 1.01*, Female: 0.96*
Khajiit - Male: 1.00, Female: 0.96*
Nord - Male: 1.03, Female: 1.00*
Orc (Orsimer) - Male: 1.045, Female: 1.03*
Redguard - Male: 1.02*, Female: 0.98*

Breton Child - Male: 0.80, Female: 0.79*
Breton Vampire Child - Male: 0.80, Female: 0.79*
Imperial Child - Male: 0.80, Female: 0.77*
Nord Child: Male: 0.83*, Female: 0.81*
Redguard Child: Male: 0.82*, Female: 0.80