Better Forests and Environments by 3AMt and Daemon White
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Better Forests and Environments
Version: 03D
Author: 3AMt and Daemon White


The goal of this modification is to create a landscape which is more believable than the vanilla one. All pine forest cells on the south-western section of the map have been edited.

Reported to many uses, this mod decreases the performance a lot. There are up to 5 times more objects in the edited cells than in the original game. A high end PC and graphic card is highly recommended

If you find any floating trees, please send a PM to Daemonui with a screenshot of where it is on the map

Installation Instructions
Place the Better Forests and Environments.esp in your Skyrim Data folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data)
Activate the file with the launcher. Enjoy!

If you are using Vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul (Recommended Mod), it is recommended to load Better Forests and Environments after Flora Overhaul for safety reasons.

Update Instructions
Delete the old .esp and place the new one in your data folder, activate via launcher.

Version History

Version 03E: LOD Regenerated and working. Fixed floating trees that were reported. Thinned out Anises Cbain area by about 1/3 for better performance.

Version 03D2: Cleaned with TES5Edit

Version 03D: Removed Whiterun Trees. Added more trees to the Northern Path to WIndhelm. Still no luck on Tree LODs: Research proved it to be a CK Generation Error, not the Game Engine.

Version 03C V2: Removed the new generated Tree LOD Files to fix the giant floating wall of tree LODs.

Version 03C, 09-11-2012 - Fixed a few more floating trees, thinned out the Anise's Cabin area to increase Performance there, and re-generated the tree LODs.

Version 03B, 14-10-2012 - Expanded the forest around the mountain north of Riverwood, added trees to Whiterun, fixed a bunch of floating trees.

Version 03A, 19-07-2012 - South-Western side of the map reforested.

version 02A, 27-02-2012 - Riverwood and the cells around have been edited & more cells around Anise's Cabin have been edited, again

version 01C, 19-02-2012 - Even more cells around Anise's Cabin have been edited

version 01B, 18-02-2012 - More cells around Anise's Cabin have been edited

version 01A, 17-02-2012 - First public release, mainly edited the cells around Anise's Cabin, but cells around Solitude, Riften and Old Hroldan also have been edited.