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You have to download and install Pluto's Realistic Lighting mod for these settings to work; otherwise you get a CTD(Crash to Desktop). You can find the link for this mod down below.

*Update* Version 1.2 - I changed EVERYTHING besides Interior's and Dungeon's in this update. Night's are even darker and Daytime isn't anywhere near as bright as it was. I improved the blending from Daytime, Dusk, to Night, to Dawn tremendously. Dawn and Dusk are no where near as bright as they were as well, and are very picturesque. I spent alot of time tampering with settings to bring out these results, so please tell me what you think.

*Update* Version 1.1 - I made interiors and dungeons a bit darker overall, but I made the colors 'pop' more as a result. It's especially apparent in the dungeon pictures I posted. I also changed the skyScaleMultiplier to 0 for both Interior's and Dungeon's. This changes what the sky looks like inside dungeons and interiors to reflect what it looks like outside. I stumbled upon this after experimenting and it looks much better.

*Future Versions* - I have been experimenting quite a bit with Daytime, Dawn, Dusk, and Nighttime settings. I will apply changes to these incrimentally in updates if I can. Any input that you, the users, can give me on which direction I should take is openly welcome. Also, I plan on releasing a version that makes portable lighting essential for any kind of night. I would like to hear your thoughts on whether I should do this or not.

Vormex's Custom Realistic Lighting Settings
Alright, first things first, this is the first file I have ever uploaded onto Skyrim Nexus, so bear with me. With that out of the way, these settings are for Pluto's Realistic Lighting mod, which can be found below along with two other mods you will need to get the full effect from these settings.

These settings make night's quite a bit darker, but not so dark that you can't see a few feet in front of you on cloudless nights. When the clouds roll in it gets a tad bit darker still, and when it rains you have practically zero visibility. It is similar with the snow environments as well, and you REALLY don't want to be out spelunking when it starts to snow at night.

Now, I made these settings to go alongside More Rain and More Snow since I found the vailla rain and snow to be bland at best. There is one thing I do need to mention, the snow can be blinding when there are very few clouds in the sky. I found this to be acceptable since if your entire screen is snow, you get what is known as 'White Out' and you can barely distinguish certain items due to the snow reflecting sunlight.

If you want to tone it down, just edit the following setting in the ini to a lower value: sunlightScaleMultiplierDay
*Edit* I changed my settings and toned this down immensely. You no longer have to bleed your eyes out staring at snow. You can still some white out, but it is nowhere near as instense.

One more thing, I did not use FXAA or ENB when I made these settings. So it may be darker or brighter depending on how those are setup.

Mod Link's
More Snow:
More Rain:
Realistic Lighting:

I made these settings to go along with the following esp's from the above mods.
More Rain - MoreRainHeavyandDarker.esp
More Snow - MoreSnowWindyand150percentLessView.esp

Check out my videos to see if you'll like these settings or not. I am still tweaking with the settings since there is room for improvement, so come back and check every now and again for updates.

Ah, and you can download these settings and tweak them to your hearts content, just be sure to mention who you based the settings off of if you decide to upload them later.