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In Oblivion, someone made a mod to have a Polar Bear companion. I loved it, as my standard character has always had a War Polar Bear companion named Sniffles. I thought I'd try making one for Skyrim, and then share it with everyone. This is my first released mod, ever...

He is located just outside the exit from Helgen. He is about 10 steps in front and just to the left of the path. He will follow you if you just talk to him (there's no actual dialog, just "talking" to him will activate him). While he's following you, you can tell him to Stay, Follow again, and go home.

He will level with the player (at least I defined him that way). When he's with a first level character he can hold his own against 6 Forsworn, just sayin'.

I made him Essential, as I didn't want to lose him. He's such a good boy!! Oh, and since he's large, he has some problems indoors at times. He also seems to like to do pullups on low ceilings. May just want to have him wait outside the inn...

Oh yeah, he should not conflict with other animal companions, I made unique ID's for everything. Mods that change the look of the SnowBear will impact Sniffles as well.

I plan to expand his usefulness, while I learn more about using the CK. Eventually I'd like to figure out how to get him some armor, so he can be a real War Polar Bear! And possibly ride-able, but we'll have to see...

Just copy the Sniffles.esp, bsa, and bsl files to your Skyrim\data folder. When you start Skyrim, go into the Data Files and make sure the Sniffles.esp is checked. Remove the check and delete the files to remove.