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Name : Nordic Dungeon Variant
Version : V2
Date : 7 April 2012
Catagory : Resource
Author(s) : jsnider193


--Manual Installation
---Manual Uninstallation
Known issues and bugs
Tools Used
Legal and licensing

A variant of the Nordic Dungeon for use within Skyrim. A re-texturing of almost all parts of the interior and exterior records of the Bethesda Nordic Dungeon has been done for those that want a new look to the underground. I will be using these in a mod developing but if others wish to co-op them into their mods have at it. Have included an esm now for those that want to check out the total package in the CK. As a side note some of the textures used have been set up as 'Texturesets' in the esm so can add them directly to change the looks of items in the game (if unsure about how to do this please ask). Additionally, have modded other items with thes sets in the esm so more changes are available then listed below, for the clutter value and atmosphere. An OPAL set for these changes has also been included to facilitate the creation of dungeons and then cluttering them with the new items.

Note: The meshes and textures are provided in non-BSA form for those that would like to use parts of the file versus the entire changed dungeon. Again this is a resource so feel free to use any or all as you may desire.

General: Version 2.0 of this mod adds in changes for the following sections. In most cases maintained the same name as the original and tacked on an A/B at the end, this will make in easier in most cases to do replacements with the ctrl_F key in the render window as it will be the next or close to next option for replace.

Nordic Dungeon Variant Modifications ....

bghalls: Adds 21 modifications to this section.
bgrooms: Adds 22 changed records.
bridges: I think got all the ones in the game changed over.
Catacombs: Both bghalls and smhalls vanilla changed.
Chambers: the 15 vanilla changed.
Clutter: 20+ changed records, note the murals are place holders and still not complete .. look different but they are yuck.
Doors: Still working on these but you have a selection for use in the game .. see posted images.
Exterior: Got most of the vanilla ones may have missed one or two. Thus can have the same look outside as inside with a couple variants.
Levers: Just 4 done.
Pits: Varaints for all the vanilla (crossing fingers here).
Platforms: Complete (Isure hope).
Rubble: A selection for use is available.
smhalls: 14 modifications in this section.
smrooms: Should be complete and ready to go.
temples: Same, think all complete here

Other Changes Made:

Clutter: 20+ changes, well to clutter up the place.
Devourer: Few odds and ends to add some unique items if want, some of the things will have to find in the mod trying to get working (dang scripting)
Furniture: More junk to change the look of the insides .. can see some in the images posted.

Detail: This file contains the meshes and the textures for the supplied variants, plus an esp is included if want to build on it or just move them into your own esp (use TesVsnip to copy and paste, easiest at this point).

Manual Installation:
primarily a modders resource. You will need to integrate into your mod as appropriate or use/copy the provided esm and tweak as want. Must add it as a master to your mod via the CK or best via TesVsnip.

Manual Uninstall:
N/A or just do not use it as a master.

Will tune the variants overtime, and will also provide more clutter and furniture as needed. If want something just ask.

Known issues and bugs:
A resource .. but who knows if find a problem let me know and I will fix.

None known at this time.

Leave a message here or send me a personnel


Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines (
NifScope (

Legal and licensing:
You can modify and use as needed, but give credit if feel like it. Don't really mind if don't as I had fun making so that is all that matters