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True Vampire for Skyrim - A Mod by Sorwen
Current Version 0.2a

Here is my first try at a Skyrim mod. I created this for the same reason I create the Oblivion mod. I don't like the way Bethesda handled vampires and since I created one for Oblivion (and Fallout 3) I decided to make this one as well. As before the first thing I added was Waterbreathing, because why should the undead breath? I also changed bonus ability/spell gain/loss around since you should weaken and loose them not gain them if you don't feed. Sorry if this makes changes you don't want (as I find is often the case of other mods), but these were the changes that made the most sense to me.

Since I've failed to make the mods I said I would for Oblivion and Fallout 3 I'll not promise more here other than to say I hope to do more with this one than I have in the past.

This could cause conflicts with other mods that change Vampirism.

Version 0.2a

* Moved vampire charm ability to first level of Vampirism and it isn't removed till the last level. Fast travel can often cause the times between levels to be short due to that bugs and actually having enough time to fulfill quests I've moved this to the first level. The ability can still only be used once per day and some creatures are unaffected by it.
* Renamed so that the Water Breathing effect is now listed as Undead. Additional effects may be added to it later.

Additional changes should be totally unnoticeable by the user. They are for future additions and use with other TrueVampire files that will be posted later.

* Added mod Faction.
* Added multiple base script effects for blood spells.

Known Issues:
Currently there are no known issues.

Version 0.1a

What it does:
* All levels contain Water Breathing
* Sun damage and Cold resistance/Fire Weakness are not changed. This made sense to me. As you decay from the lack of feeding you worsen. I kept cold at the same rate as fire for at least the attempt at balance.

Vampirism 1 (first level after feeding):
* Character now gets charm at this level and doesn't have to wait till level 2.
* Now gains the most improved version of Drain and Thrall (Original level 4).

Vampirism 2:
* Drain and Thrall are reduced 1 step (Original level 3).

Vampirism 3:
* Character looses the ability to charm.
* Drain and Thrall are again reduced by 1 step (Original level 2)

Vampirism 4:
* Vampire has all the negatives that came with V4 (attack on site/etc).
* Drain and Thrall are reduced to original level 1.
* Vampire still gains Invisibility at this level so they can hide

Known Issues:
Currently there are no known issues.

Simply extract the files into your Skyrim/Data/ folder then enable the file through the "Data Files" selection in the Skyrim launcher.

=====Reuse/File posting=====
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You may reuse these files if:
1. You name me in credit for these files
2. The file is only available through Skyrim Nexus.