Neo Natural ENB profile with injected Fxaa by Neo2000
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Added: 17/02/2012 - 03:07AM
Updated: 23/05/2012 - 06:26PM

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Last updated at 18:26, 23 May 2012 Uploaded at 3:07, 17 Feb 2012

This mod is no longer supported. Please go HERE to found the new optimized version.

First of all, sorry for my bad english.

-> Always be sure to make a copy of all existing files this mod would replace before installing.
-> If you already have existing ENB, you must erase ALL files concerned.
-> If you want this mod like you see it in screenshots, you must take the 2 ini files and place them in C:\Users\....\Documents\My Games\skyrim\ by replacing existing files.

Optional INI Files :
Just editing INI files and change first line "sLanguage=FRENCH" to your language, change resolution to what you want and check some others parameters to ensure that they match with your previously version.
WARNING: There are some criticals parameters which NEVER have to change like "UGridsToLoad" or cause corrupted savegame.

Ok, this is another but different ENB profile which make environment in skyrim more natural.
No strong constrat or powerful color, they are too much unreal for me.
If you want your game like in Final Fantasy, this mod is not for you.
Beware, this mod is recommended for High End PC.

I've tried to balanced between efficiency and quality by optimizing exterior/interior lights/speculars/shadows and try to keep maximum realism and coherence in all circumstances (weather change, night/day cycle...)
In a general view, days let you enjoy wonderful environment around and nights are more dark, you feel fear everywhere and caves ambient are more intense.

Optimize overhaul light to make more pretty and real on gameworld
> Less saturation and slight film grain on screen with HDR view
> No more ultra glowy snow at 12.00 pm in moutains when clear sky or ultra bright ice cave
> Sky/Clouds seems more real and consistent with good flow of color for all type of weather
> Improve LOD wiew (Slight fog for distant environnement have a proper lighting reflection)
> Objects/Environnement/Pnj Faces... now reflect properly the sunlight (not too much)
> Improve ambient light reflect on water (night and day)

Immersive dark nights
> No more bright ambient or ultra white snow
> Improve LOD wiew (Moutains at night are really dark, enjoy it with a cloudy weather)
> No more shadows on the floor at night, its completely unreal
> Clouds no more blurry and floral have right saturation depending of type of weather (except one type of rainy weather which desature all the world but it's skyrim not my mod)
> Less contrast/color to enhance feeling of darkness and realism
> Some dungeons are very dark and freaky, you must take torch almost everytime
> Dynamic moutain fogs are no more blue but white like snow

> Shadows are more perceptible, PNJ faces and shadow zones are more dark
> People skins seems more real and not like a kind of cellophane (w/o body mods)
> Point of lighting now give some real color on environment depending of type of light
> Night/Day cycle are now really intense
> Feeling of better Sunset and dawn (sky tint are more real)

NMM or other managers are not required/recommended for installation.
Choose the version you want to install.
If you want to install another one, you must first delete ALL files of the previously version before installing the new one.

Go to folder "Main Files" of the choosen version and copy/paste all the files in your game folder (wheres TESV.exe is)

For High-End PC (Full Version): Full SSAO + DOF => All effects activated and set to max quality
For High-End PC (Full Version w/o DOF): DOF Disabled => Same as Full version but DOF disabled for convenience
For Mid/High End PC (Recommended Version): Fast SSAO + DOF => Almost same as Full Version but fps increase by 5 and you don't really lost in quality.
For Mid-Range PC (Light Version): SSAO Disabled => Your fps significatly increase but you lost in quality.
For Mid-Range PC (Light Version w/o DOF): SSAO and DOF Disabled => Same as Light version but DOF disabled for convenience.

To see difference ingame, type:
- Shift+F12 to disabled the entire mod
- Pause to disable only effects

If your loading screen is too long, you can type Shift+F12 to disable mod while loading and accelerate processus then retype Shift+F12 after to reactivate.

- Full SSAO
- Full HDR 1.8
- Optimized Technicolor
- Enhanced Sharpening
- Soft Bloom
- Realistic lighting
- Amazing ambient
- Dynamic improved DOF

See yourself in screenshots.

Tweak Guide:
Another Tweak:
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