To start, I'm not looking for sympathy. I just wanted to thank Bethesda for making a great game and SkyrimNexus for hosting a place where modders can present such great additions to such an epic game.

On Jan. 5th, 2012, my daughter, Miya was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 13. It has been almost a year now and we are still fighting to save her life. But thanks to her wonderful doctors, surgeons, and nurses - my wife, Miya's three brothers, her little sister, and myself are positive we will beat this monster.

Being that she needs to be tended to 24/7, I took a leave from my job to stay home and take care of her. That's where Skyrim (and this site) comes into the picture. When she is asleep in her bed, I sit next to her at my desk and play for an hour or two and it has become my escape from the constant worry of being a father of a child with cancer. It's almost therapy for me.

My daughter is very brave and strong, and no matter what life has thrown at her over the past year, she always smiles through it all. She has been through 11 surgeries and countless rounds of chemo, but has never once complained or felt sorry for herself. She is an inspiration to all who meet her and she is my rock. I know we'll make it through this.

So to the makers of this game, the modders and the kind people who post here and share the world of Skyrim - Thank You for creating a place for me to escape to when things get a little rough to deal with.


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