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    ASIS - Instructions

    -ASIS & Deadly Dragons-

    "ASIS" is short for Automatic spells & Increased spawns, but the mod does much more than that. ASIS introduced randomly increased weighted spawn counts, gives perks to NPC that they otherwise wouldn't (and should) have, allows them to use spells from mods, and injects some serious brainpower into the AI. This mod makes Skyrim's general NPC's and creatures more difficult in the right ways. Not arbitrarily increasing health & damage values and nerfing your own (like 95% of games out there nowdays), but making enemies smarter, in slightly greater numbers, and giving them more tools to use against you.

    Now, there are two functions of this mod that you don't want to interact with Deadly Dragons. To allow D.D. to function as intended and prevent spell-casting NPC's from gaining spells they shouldn't have or spawning a half-dozen dragons through the DD's "Assault" system, it's required you make the following modifications to ASIS' included .ini files.

    Go into the "IncreasedSpawns.ini" file, find the [NPCReducedSpawnSettings] header, remove the line "dragon=5". Now, add "Dragon" to the [NPCExclusions] header

    Go into the "AutomaticPerks.ini" file, find the [NPCExclusions] header, now add "Dragon" into it.

    That's it. Very simple and should take you less than 2 minutes. Again, if you don't do this, MANY dragons will spawn through the Assault timer, general NPC spell-casters will acquire spells intended to be used by level +50 dragon types, and all dragons will gain multiple perks and further increase there health, damage, and armor values automatically, making them more difficult by default. These are things that you either don't want general NPC's to have, or that DD covers on it's own. So I HIGHLY recommend that you both use ASIS and make these quick & easy tweaks to the .ini files it comes with.

    ASIS is an incredible mod and one of the few that I absolutely can't play without on serious playthroughs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, big thanks to Plutoman for all of his hard work on this, I love you man. ;)

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