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    Editing the shader

    Quick step-by-step so you can adjust for personal preference

    1. Lunch the Creation Kit
    2. Go to File >Data
    3. Check: Skyrim.esm & getSnowy.esp
    4. Set getSnowy.esp as the Active File, Hit OK
    5. WAIT! Click "Yes to All" to any warnings
    6. In the Object Window Filter, type "getSnowy" then click *All, at the bottom of the list tree
    7. Double click "getSnowyShader"
    8. Cry a little about how convoluted the Effect Shader user interface is.
    9. Make your edits, hit OK and Save.

    The "Full Alpha Ratio" and "Persistent Alpha Ratio" is where you can set the transparency (0 = 100% transparent)

    To increase the texture resolution, increase both "Texture Scale (U, V)" values.

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