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    Storm Magic

    Storm Magic

    Storm Mage: The elemental mage calls on the Gods of the sky, to summon the deadliest of Tamriels natural forces. Not even the Giants stay outdoor when Magi storms are brewing! Storm mages will learn Eye of the Storm, Lightning Orb, Lightning Ball and Thunderstrike.

    Those that thought the eye of a storm would be the calmest, are usually the first to die.

    Eye of the Storm
    Summons an Eye of the Storm at caster position for x sec. Eye of Storm strikes everything in a small area with lightning, causing x shock damage.
    Destruction - Adept

    Increases lightning damage by 50%
    Increases Eye of the Storm duration by 100%
    Reduces interval between lightning
    Storm Cloak
    Increases your shock resistance by 25% while Eye of the Storm is active
    Heart of Storm
    While Eye of the Storm is active, your shock spells deal 25% more damage
    Static Charge
    When lightning hits the target, for 8 sec afterwards the target receives additional shock damage while being attacked
    Lightning instantly kills targets with less than 20% health

    If the lightning doesn't kill them, the thunder will shake their bones apart.
    Strikes the target with lightning, causing x shock damage to health, and half that to magicka. Can be cast only outdoors
    Destruction - Expert

    Increases Thunderstrike damage by 50%
    Thunderstrike has a chance to strike the same target twice
    When Thunderstrike hits the target, it has a chance to explode and deal additional shock damage to all targets in a small area
    Thunderstrike deals twice as much damage to targets wearing heavy armor
    Thunderstrike reduces the target's shock resistance by 20% for 15 sec
    If you kill the target with Thunderstrike, you gain Stormbringer effect, increasing Thunderstrike damage by 25% for 20 sec
    Electric Storm
    Calls additional lightning that strikes all enemies near the target

    Strikes the target with lightning, causing x shock damage over 5 sec.
    Destruction - Adept

    Increases Stormstrike damage by 50%
    When you cast Stormstrike, there's a chance to create a whirlwind at target's position that will pull back the target to its center
    Raging Skies
    While Stormstrike is active, your Thunderstrike costs no magicka
    Stormstrike has a chance to disorient the target for its duration
    Stormstrike has a chance to silence the target for 5 sec.
    Stormstrike applies Storm Cloak to the caster
    Stormstrike instantly deals 25 to 330 shock damage to the target, consuming a storm shard

    Lightning Ball
    Hurls a lightning ball that deals x shock damage to health and half that to magicka.
    Destruction - Apprentice

    Increases Lightning Ball damage by 50%
    Critical Charge
    Lightning Ball has a chance to deal twice as much damage
    When Lightning Ball hits the target that has less health than you, it has a chance to instantly kill the target
    Chain Lightning
    When Lightning Ball hits the target, you have a chance to strike additional targets with Chain Lightning
    Lightning Ball restores 5 to 30 magicka
    Storm Nimbus
    Each time Lightning Ball hits the target, increases your spell damage by 10% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 3 times
    Storm Rage
    When hit, you have a chance to gain Storm Rage effect that

    Storm Cloak
    Imbues the caster with electricity, increasing shock damage by 15% for x sec.
    Alteration - Adept

    Storm Cloak increases shock damage by an additional 15%
    Storm Focus
    Storm Cloak reduces magicka cost for shock spells by 20%
    Storm Cloak increases your shock resistance by 50%
    If struck while Storm Cloak is active, you deal shock damage to all nearby targets. This effect can't occur more than once per 3 sec
    Unrelenting Storm
    While Storm Cloak is active, Eye of the Storm deals twice as much damage
    Storm Shard
    When you kill the target with Thunderstrike or Lightning Ball, you gain a Storm Shard. Storm Cloak must be active. You can't gain more than 10 Storm Shards
    When your spells consume a Storm Shard, restores 100% of your magicka

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