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    Frost Magic

    Frost Magic

    Frost Mage, feared by most, the changing seasons of Tamriel do not change the temperament or effectiveness of the elemental ice mages. They use Ice Lance, Frost Blast, Gust of Wind, Ice Prison and Summon the Restless.
    Be warned... winter is coming!

    Ice Lance
    Hurls a spear of ice at the target, that causes x points of frost damage to health and stamina
    Destruction - Apprentice

    Increases Ice Lance damage by 50%
    Ice Lance applies Replenish effect, restoring 5 magicka per sec for 5 sec
    Frost Fever
    Ice Lance applies Frost Fever effect, dealing 30 frost damage over 5 sec
    Bone Chill
    Ice Lance applies Bone Chill effect to the target for 10 sec. For its duration the target takes 20% more damage when gets hit by any spell
    Cold Snap
    Ice Lance has a chance to freeze the target for 5 sec
    Ice Lance deals triple damage to frozen targets
    Ice Lance has a chance to instantly kill frozen targets

    Frost Blast
    Projects an ice cold blast at the target, causing x frost damage. Has a chance to instantly kill frozen targets.
    Destruction - Adept

    Increases Frost Blast damage by 50%
    Frost Blast deals triple damage to frozen targets
    Cold Snap
    Frost Blast has a chance to freeze the target for 5 sec
    Chilled to the Bones
    Frost Blast reduces the target's physical damage by 50% for 10 sec
    Applies Crystallize effect on the target for 8 sec, which allows you to ignore 100% of target's armor
    Heart of Frost
    Frost Blast has a chance to apply Heart of Frost effect, increasing your frost damage by 100% for 10 sec
    Each time you hit the target with Frost Blast, you gain one charge. Once you gain 5 charges, Frost Blast unleashes devastating Frost Wave at the enemies in a 25 ft radius

    Summon the Restless
    Summons the Restless for x sec.
    Conjuration - Adept

    Increases the Restless health, magicka and stamina by 5% per your level
    Winter's Gift
    Increases the Restless duration by 100%
    Frost Aura
    While the Restless is active, your frost spells deal 20% more damage
    Frost Mastery
    Allows the Restless to cast Frost Blast and Frost Cloak spells. Ice Wave now also freezes the target for 5 sec
    When the Restless dies, freezes all targets in the vicinity
    Ghostly State
    Makes the Restless immune to physical damage, but increases magic damage taken by 100%
    Glacial Armor
    Teaches you Glacial Armor spell:

    Glacial Armor
    Lesser Power
    Sacrifices the Restless, granting immunity to all damage for 30 sec. Can't be cast more than once per 10 min

    Gust of Wind
    Sends out a powerful gust of wind, that deals x frost damage to all targets on its way.
    Destruction - Adept

    Increases Gust of Wind damage by 50%
    Howling Blast
    Gust of Wind has a chance to stagger the target
    Gust of Wind slows the target by 75% for 5 sec
    Deep Freeze
    Deals double damage to frozen targets
    Gust of Wind has a chance to disarm the target
    Gust of Wind has a chance to throw the target away
    Storm Wind
    If Gust of Wind hits more than 2 targets at once, launches a second Gust of Wind

    Ice Prison
    Freezes the target solid for 4 seconds.Can't be re-applied on the same target for 15 sec.
    Alteration - Adept

    Frost Grip
    Ice Prison deals frost damage to the target for its duration
    Ice Floes
    Increases Ice Prison duration by 100%
    When the effect ends, decreases the target's attack and movement speed by 33% for 10 seconds
    Absolute Zero
    Ice Prison sets the target's frost resistance to 0 for its duration. Other frost resistance reducing effects need to be applied after Ice Prison to take effect.
    When the effect ends, the target is affected by Hypothermia for 10 sec. While this effect is active, it has a chance on each tick to stagger the target
    If you cast a fire spell at a frozen target, Ice Prison instantly breaks. The target is now soaking wet and its shock and disease resistances decreased by 33% for 15 seconds
    Frost Barrier
    Decreases physical damage done to you by the target by 50% for 15 sec

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