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    Nature Magic

    Nature Magic

    Magi of Nature: Animist, Shaman, Alchemist and the Druid all harness the powers of nature. The spells they are predisposed to are Healing Touch, Locust Swarm, Petrify, Venomous Mushroom, Maelstrom, Seed of Life and Summon Sabretooth.

    The Shaman has gone above and beyond the normal fair of healers in Tamriel and also calls upon the earth’s natural abilities to revitalize, even soothing the beasts that roam with them.

    Healing Touch
    Restores x health per sec to the caster for 8 sec
    Restoration - Apprentice

    Increases Healing Touch effectiveness by 50%
    Nature's Touch
    Increases Healing Touch duration by 100%
    Healing Touch increases your poison resistance by 50 for its duration. If you cast Healing Touch while your Sabretooth is active, applies healing effect to Sabretooth
    Living Seed
    On each tick Healing Touch has a chance to create a Living Seed that lasts for 15 sec and periodically restores health to the caster
    Accelerated Growth
    While Healing Touch is active, restores additional 5% health if you get hit
    Tranquility of Water
    Healing Touch has a chance to restore magicka on each tick
    When Healing Touch ends, restores additional 25% of your current health

    The swarm has been known to build into frenzy, engulfing all that get too close and stinging with poisonous vigour. One too many of these will leave even the biggest of foes paralyzed.
    Locust Swarm
    Sends forth a swarm, causing x poison damage per second to the target for x sec
    Destruction - Adept

    Increases Locust Swarm damage by 50%
    Increases Locust Swarm duration by 100%
    Cloud of Insects
    Each 3 seconds deals poison damage to nearest enemies
    Deadly Poison
    Each tick has a chance to deal additional 10 to 15 points of unresistable damage
    Decreases target's attack speed by 33% for 15 sec
    Each tick has a chance to paralyze the target for 3 sec
    Locust Infestation
    Locust Swarm spreads to all enemies near the target.

    The elemental mages can turn flesh to rock. Its those who truely look to Gaia for guidence that will then turn rock to dust.
    Turns enemies to stone, immobilizing them for 4 sec. Can't be re-applied on the same target for 15 sec.
    Alteration - Apprentice

    Toxic Blood
    Petrify deals poison damage for its duration
    When Petrify ends, the target takes damage equal to 30% of damage taken while was petrified
    Stone Curse
    Petrify increases target's armor by 500, but reduces fire, frost and shock resistance by 25% for its duration
    Reduces petrified target's poison resistance by 50%
    When Petrify ends, reduces target's movement speed by 75 for 5 sec
    When Petrify ends, causes the target to explode, staggering nearest targets
    Each attack against petrified targets can kill them. Works only on targets with less than 50% health

    The Alchemists who walk amongst the flora of Tamriel know the secrets of the magic mushroom. Dazzled by the spectical of the Venomous Mushroom is always a favourite pastime.
    Venomous Mushroom
    Plants a Venomous Mushroom at the target position that explodes every 3 seconds, dealing x poison damage per sec for 5 sec. Mushroom lasts for 30 sec.
    Alteration - Adept

    Increases explosion damage by 50%
    Increases explosion radius by 100%
    Reduces the time between explosions by 1 sec
    Staggering Blast
    Mushroom's explosion has a chance to stagger the target
    Applies Petrify spell to the target
    Wild Growth
    Each Mushroom increases your spell damage by 10% for its duration
    If the target dies, Mushroom explodes, paralyzing all enemy targets in a 30 ft radius for 3 sec

    The trust and bond between owner and beast has always been a test of wills, but the might of the Sabertooth has always been worth the risk.
    Summon Sabretooth
    Summons Sabretooth for x sec
    Conjuration - Adept

    Increases Sabretooth health, stamina and magicka by 5% per your level
    Increases Sabretooth duration by 500%
    Bestial Wrath
    Increases Sabretooth damage by 5% per your level
    Sharp Claws
    Increases Sabretooth damage by 100% against petrified or frozen targets
    Vigor of Nature
    While Sabretooth is active, restores 3% of your magicka each second and increases spell damage by 20%
    Nature's Grace
    While Sabretooth is active, restores 3% of your stamina each second and increases physical damage by 20%
    Allows Sabretooth to prowl in shadows. When the effect ends, Sabretooth damage is increased by 100% for 20 sec

    Restores x health to all allies in a 10 ft radius and deals half that as poison damage to all enemies in a 10 ft radius.
    Restoration - Adept

    Increases Maelstrom effectiveness by 50%
    Maelstrom applies healing-over-time effect for 6 sec
    Ancient Guard
    Maelstrom increases armor by 100 and magic resistance by 25 for 8 sec
    Restores twice as much health if the target at or below
    50% health
    Primal Rage
    Increases friendly target's melee damage by 50% for 10 sec
    Maelstrom applies Vengeance effect for 6 sec. This effect
    reflects melee damage back to attacker
    Deals twice as much damage if the target at or below 50% health

    Seed of Life
    Throws a seed of life at the target, causing x poison damage per sec to an enemy or x healing per sec to an ally. Lasts 3 sec.
    Restoration - Adept

    Increases Seed of Life effectiveness by 50%
    Seed of Life also restores stamina and magicka to an ally
    Iron Bark
    Increases friendly target's armor rating by 300 and stamina regeneration by 150% for 10 sec
    Wild Bloom
    When you heal the target with Seed of Life, causes poison damage to all opponents in a 10 ft radius
    If you cast Seed of Life on petrified or paralyzed targets, restores 20 to 40 magicka to the caster and reduces magicka cost of your next Locust Swarm or Healing Touch by 100%
    Nature's Blessing
    If you use Seed of Life to heal an ally with less than 50% health, you gain Nature's Blessing that lasts for 10 sec and reduces magicka cost for nature spells by 50%
    Spiders Lure
    If the target is affected by Locust Swarm, summons 3 spiders for 10 sec that will attack anyone nearby

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