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    How to make a custom preset for Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One

    Hi to all my friends!
    Well... We have a new feature: Article! Good job Nexus Devs and let's start!


    This article is for who have a bit experience with Creation Kit

    * OVERVIEW *

    As you know, my mod is based on two files: ESM and ESP preset. The ESM contains the light source and the lanterns placed around Skyrim. The ESP preset modify the parameters of the light source in ESM file. I'll explain you how to make your own ESP preset!


    1. Open Creation Kit
    2. Select the "Open" icon
    3. Tick the "Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One - MAIN.esm" and click Ok and wait for some secs.
    4. Now that the ESM is loaded, click "Save" icon and save your ESP with whatever name you want (ie: Lanterns Of Skyrim - My Custom Preset.esp)
    5. Open the Object Window (if not yet) and find the mannyLanternsOfSkyrimAllInOne light source under "light" section (use the filter feature if you want)
    6. Now right-click on the light source and select "edit"
    7. Suprise: the light is... Red like Oblivion :) this mean that you have correctly loaded my ESM and found the right light source
    8. Now modify the parameters of that light like color, radius and fade. I would not reccomend to enable shadows in that source due to tons of glitches.
    9. Save the ESP and let's test in Skyrim. Open the Menu Launcher and, under "data files", make sure you've selected the ESM and your ESP only!
    10. Play Skyrim and see how it works your new preset :) you can also come back to Creation Kit and tweak the light source again until you're satisfied.
    11. Are you satisfied with your new ESP? Publish it in the Nexus :D Remember to credit me and, of course, to tell to your users to download the main ESM from mine page.
    12. Enjoy!

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