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    Health update and a plea for help.

    Health update and a plea for help.

    Current amount raised : Over $8000!!! and rising! Thank you so much!!

    If you want to donate to me, to help out my family I would still be grateful.

    If you also want to donate to cancer research, please go to

    Even $2 can help research into finding a cure for cancer.

    I also suggest people try to get memberships with the Nexus to help this community live on.

    Hello everyone!

    I will try to keep this very short as my vision is terrible at the moment.

    It has been a few months since I quit modding and I think it sort of happened abruptly for some fans and I just wanted to tell everyone why I left modding, why I turned down numerous real life job offers to work in the gaming industry and give everyone an update on my health.

    As some already know I was suffering with an illness since 2007 and basically it was a stroke caused by a very slow growing tumor. In the final few months of modding, I grew moodier than usual, started feeling detached from my own body (depersonalization) and had issues with balance, hearing, vision and also had issues with fainting.

    I did a number of tests and even had chemo to stunt the growth of the tumor which thankfully was slow growing and I was given quite a long life expectancy, about 10-15 years, which were quite long and keep me living into my late 40's. Some people with this tumor could even live normal lives with treatment.

    Sadly about 2 weeks ago, the news I got wasn't so great. My tumor has metastasized to my spine and liver. The liver mass, will be removed soon, and thankfully that can regen and treated to a certain degree, but the mass on my spine which is very close to the base of my brain is not only rapidly growing but is going to be fatal. The doctor has given me between 12-18 months to live, but due to where the cancer is, I might well be unable to care for myself within 6 months which is a little daunting on me, and my wife who has had to quit her job to help me out at home.

    When I was told the news, my first reaction was dread but soon hysterical laughter is all that followed. I guess it was my strange way of dealing with such awful news, but in the end, we all end up in the same place.

    So for those who wonder, I spend the majority of my day playing video games, sleeping and spending time with my kids. I try to set goals and try to work toward them, and sometimes I wonder why I did not do that when I was healthier. Oh well.

    Anyway I do come here with a heart felt appeal. I have been trying to sell a number of things (my possessions) to raise funds for and I don't know how to put this nicely....a burial plot, my funeral and to help my wife out a little soon after the inevitable happens. At the moment with our savings and such, I am about $5000 short of my goal but I know that maybe you guys can help me.

    To people who are in Australia, I have some memorabilia things I am willing to sell to make some of the needed funds. Most of it is sporting stuff from Sydney Swans (with letters of Authentication from the club - so no fakes! ) . I used to own my own memorabilia shop before I got ill, and I still have things left over. I also have things from Tool (band), old records and sporting stuff from Italian soccer (mainly AC Milan).

    Also I am hoping for donations from people who are able to help. All it would take would be 200 people donate $25 or 100 to donate $50 and I would be well on my way to getting everything fixed and ready and I can live out my last months without any fear of what will happen to me or my family. I don't really have any family to rely on, so your help here would be wonderful. Also before people ask, I do not have life insurance and it was already declined.

    If you are willing to donate to me, my PayPal email is tonycol*at*optusnet*dot*com*dot*au or you can use the donate tab on this mod page. 244,781 have downloaded this mod, and imagine what we could do if everyone of those donated just $1, any amount will do.

    If I can achieve more than my goal, I will donate a large portion to cancer research as well.

    I want to surprise my wife with this to alleviate her grief and her fears of the future.

    To any moderators, my apologies if I have spoken about donations - but this is very important to me and the only way I have to try and generate funds from fans and people that know me. I hope you can see it in your heart to forgive me for the post.

    Thank you everyone and much love, making this mod for you guys was such a great achievement for me and to see so many endorsements and comments just fills me up with happiness.

    Thank you again,


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