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    Changelog for 4.0.8

    Current Contributors:

    Daemonui - Weathers, Minor fixes to Major Cities Interiors + Exteriors, Dawnguard Update, Dungeons and Minor City Interiors lighting templates and imagespaces update, TES5Edit cleaning.


    - Complete re-write of system from default weathers.
    - Re-balanced White level of clouds (Same resolution as vanilla for performance)

    Major City Exteriors:

    - Solitude fire pits changed for a less intrusive appearance (Lights still there)
    - Street lanterns set to defaultcandleNS instead of WRstreetlightNS
    - Removed one fire pit near the large fire in the Castle Grounds (Solitude)
    - Removed one light post that caused flickering in Riften
    - Removed one small window light that caused flickering in Windhelm

    Major City Interiors:

    - All appropriate Templates edited to remove all directional lighting
    - All appropriate Templates edited to decrease ambient lighting for more contrast between light and shadow. Sections of interiors had too much ambient lighting.
    - one light near the alchemy table has radius changes to minimize / remove flickering
    - Added USKP changes to Windhelmwhitephial, and set them to be disabled to remove a lighting incompatibility

    Dawnguard Interiors:

    - Dawnguard Castle HQ Main sunlight brightness increased.
    - Dawnguard weathers updated


    - Imagespaces and Templates from Darker Dungeons moved into this module
    - Checked all dungeons to use template changes

    Minor Towns Interiors:

    - Appropriate imagespaces and Templates from Darker Dungeons moved into this module
    - Checked all Minor City interiors to use template changes

    All files cleaned with latest version of TES5Edit

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