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    Improve stability of the mod

    If you run into any of these problems while using the mod:

    • Performance loss during duels
    • Cannot progress during duels
    • Can't initiate multiple duels
    • Can't initiate a single duel

    Then your processor or RAM may not be enough to keep the mod running correctly.
    However there are certain tweaks which could improve your conditions in game and during duels:

    1. Change your graphic settings:
    Even after having configured your game to run at an acceptable frame rate, you must take into account that the game will not always be consuming the same amount of resources all throughout your session.

    If you are just barely hitting your desired FPS, it is possible that scripts are having trouble running in the background.
    You thus have 3 options:

    1. Have a game that is fine tuned, FPS wise, to your demands but that may have a slower reaction time.
    2. Having a less visually appealing game that runs smoothly.
    3. Having a powerful enough computer that can run the game smoothly at superior graphics. (If this is the case, this mod should not be an issue for you)

    I recommend checking your graphic settings (Render distances on objects, etc..., slow your game down quite a bit for example)

    2. Increase the maximum amount of memory (RAM) alloted to scripts:
    There exists certain parameters that allow you to define how scripts behave in your game.
    The parameter you are looking for here is "iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes" which allows you to define the maximum amount of memory scripts can use during your game.
    I cannot recommend a value, this depends on the memory available on your computer.

    You will find all necessary information available here:
    INI Settings - Papyrus

    3. Clean your save file of old scripts:
    Since version 1.6.7 of SKSE, a useful command has been added:
    The "ClearInvalidRegistrations" command stops scripts that have already been executed in your game but never fully stopped.
    It also cleans the remaining scripts of mods that have been uninstalled.

    To use it, type "ClearInvalidRegistrations" into the game console.

    If anyone else has any solutions to optimize the way scripts run, do not hesitate to share.

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