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    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    Errors During NMM Installation

    If you get the following error:

    BOSS_API_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS: Master files must load before other plugins. The mod was not installed.

    You need to perform the following steps:

    - Uninstall and delete all the Unofficial patches in NMM.
    - Exit NMM.
    - Launch NMM again.
    - Download and install all of the updated Unofficial patches.
    - Run LOOT to sort your load order.

    Cannot Absorb Dragon Souls

    Make sure your load order is right!

    [Other ESMs]
    Official hi-res DLC
    [Other ESPs]

    Use LOOT - you'll enjoy life more.

    Loose Scripts in Data\Scripts

    Check for: dragonactorscript.pex and/or mqkilldragonscript.pex. Remove them if present. They are from dragon mods that came as loose files.

    DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious, and Diversified Dragons are known to cause this. Those mods need to be updated with a Dragonborn patch that incorporates the fixes from the UDBP.

    Skyrim Unbound ( will cause this as well due to the script being unaware of the changes for Dragonborn.

    Others may be a factor as well.

    Note too that the offending mod may have the script packaged inside a BSA. That will need to be handled by that mod's author.

    If you are using Mod Organizer and are here to report issues with dragon souls, sorry, but you're on your own as we do not support issues caused by incorrectly letting that program modify the BSA load order system the game has. Your post is likely to just be ignored. We don't have time to keep fending off false bug reports caused by people who insist on unpacking their BSA files using the program and thus subverting the entire system the game relies on for proper behavior.

    I've seen something called the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon)? What is this? Do I need it? Is it safe?

    The mod known as the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon) is not an approved extension and does not have the support of the Unofficial Patch Project. It's author has decided to make some deeply subjective design changes to the game and has chosen to market in such a way as to make it seem as though our project approves of its existence. We do not. This mod is not only full of subjective game design changes but also contains poorly implemented replacements for several fixes we've already made that in turn generate conflicts in the game and can even lead to save game corruption.

    We have on several occasions attempted to contact the author, who has contributed fixes directly into the patches before and has ALSO provided Italian translations. He refused to address the issue, in fact refused to acknowledge our concerns at all and has continued to operate as though nothing is wrong.

    You are strongly advised NOT to use this mod as it will be damaging to your game. We will NOT provide support to anyone who is using it in their games.

    We will rescind this warning if and ONLY if these issues are resolved. Further details available.

    If after reading the details available you still wish to use SMPC, please be sure to install the SMPC Overwrite Fix file that's listed on the optional files tab below the USKP's main file.

    DO NOT INSTALL this file if you are not using SMPC - your game will crash.
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    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    Alright, in light of the new sticky comment ability, let's trial reopening the thread.


    First, some misinformation needs to be cleared up:

    1. The patch is not the cause of your game crashing. Before each full public release, the patch enters a beta stage where several knowledgeable people put it through its paces. On only one occasion has there been any hint of a possible CTD, and that turned out to be due to another mod's influence.

    If you're getting CTDs, you need to look elsewhere for the cause. Either you have outdated mods which need to be fixed, you haven't updated your game, or your save has reached a point of no return. Removing the patch because you think it caused the problem will only result in further damaging your save (see #3).

    2. When we report an issue as being fixed, it's been fixed. Continuing to report the same issues as still being broken indicates either a failed update on the user's part or another mod that is overriding the fix.

    3. There is no such thing as a clean save. It does not matter who tells you there is, it doesn't exist in Skyrim. You cannot remove any mod, not even the patch, without there being some data that's been permanently changed. Doing this repeatedly WILL damage your save and WILL eventually lead to it becoming corrupt and unusable. Bethesda's own developers have confirmed the only way to properly remove a mod is to load a save made BEFORE that mod was introduced into the game. If you started a new game with 10 mods installed, you're going to be stuck with those 10 forever.

    This is not something the patch broke. It's just the way Skyrim works. The old days of installing and removing mods at will and without consequences that people are used to from Fallout and Oblivion are gone.

    4. The releases made here are not "beta quality". They aren't betas at all. They have been tested. They are known to work. While it is definitely true that bugs can be introduced, these are relatively easy to spot and they get fixed with the next update cycle. Not everything will be caught though. We're all human.

    5. Scripts that log messages are not the cause of whatever is crashing the game. There's no guarantee that a script is even what the problem is. Reports of "this script crashed my game because Papyrus said so" will be ignored from now on.

    6. Rude, abusive, trollish, or just plain untrue posts where it's obvious the poster is LYING will result in an immediate download block. Pick your words carefully people. We don't have to put up with you, and from now on, we simply won't. Trolls will also be forwarded to the moderators for appropriate action as needed.
  1. mahevol 0 kudos 5 posts

    Soo first of all great mod, but im having an issue with my spells, the fireball explosion sound is playing along the thunderbolt and incinerate spells... is this an issue of this mod or is it caused by another mod that is getting in the way? I noticed that when I deactivate this mod it stops so im wondering if you know how to fix it, i haven't found anything about it on google.

    blackpete8427 1 kudos 45 posts

    In response to post #20177415.

    That has to be due to another mod that is conflicting. The USKP doesn't do anything that would be altering those sound effects. To solve this you will need to figure out which of your mods is causing this problem and deactivate it. Due to the way scripts work in the game, it may be necessary to revert to a save prior to installing whatever mod is causing the issue or to start a new game.

    mahevol 0 kudos 5 posts

    In response to post #20177415. #20191195 is also a reply to the same post.

    ok I will look into that thanks
  2. emancruz 0 kudos 14 posts

    Hey there, how do i install this manually? sorry this is my first time to use a patch. and also, the reason that i want to try this is because i'm hoping that it might fix some of the issues that im having. like the illusion spell call to arms not working on my thralls/undead even if i already have the master of the mind and necromage perks.

    blackpete8427 1 kudos 45 posts

    In response to post #20133684.

    The files go in your Skyrim \ Data folder. Keep in mind that it is critical that your plugins (mods) are sorted in the correct order. LOOT can do this for you (recommended) or you can refer to the sticky at the top of this page for more information on the load order.
  3. darclord 0 kudos 29 posts

    Your patch makes skyrim playable for me. Without it crashes. Actually my Xbox and Play station version f***ing crashes and I went through 3 version of each. This game is so poorly made but so fun. LOL.
  4. Zac1993 0 kudos 17 posts

    Mod is great. I came back to skyrim after a long time and tried to update this mod except the boss_api eror keeps popping up.
    - Uninstall and delete all the Unofficial patches in NMM.
    - Exit NMM.
    - Launch NMM again.
    - Download and install all of the updated Unofficial patches.
    - Run LOOT to sort your load order.
    Yeah, I know. uninstalled, deleted, exited. Redownload and reinstall mod. Same pop up occurred.
    So am I suppose to loop through this?
    Anyway, I just manually installed it and ran loot. Works like a charm.
  5. asmediv 1 kudos 45 posts

    I'm having a serious papyrus script problem and it is caused by a skyrim vanilla quest, and i think it is related to this mod.
    the script is related to the quest in wich you obtain the ring of hiricine.

    [alias Sinding on quest DA05_dunBloatedMansGrottoQST (000955CF)].dunBloatedManSindingScript.UpdateLoop() - "dunBloatedManSindingScript.psc" Line 45
    [alias Sinding on quest DA05_dunBloatedMansGrottoQST (000955CF)].dunBloatedManSindingScript.OnLoad() - "dunBloatedManSindingScript.psc" Line 37

    This function called "OnLoad()" calls to UpdateLoop() every 1 sec.and cause thawing on my VM, here is the code:

    is there a way to fix this without to start a new game?
  6. dahmchoi 0 kudos 1 posts

    Oh finally, I just realized the way to write......forgive me to mess here up(?)
    Actually I have experienced some problems with random encounter. **Encounter the afflicted refugee too much.** And I found a few people who went through the same things.(#7312 in forum thread) in page 7..? or 6? Whatever.. Did not fixed yet? I am experiencing the same problem in version 2.0.7.
    (I'm sorry for Rambling sentences.. I used the google translator...)

    blackpete8427 1 kudos 45 posts

    In response to post #20062289.

    We haven't been able to figure out what is causing it yet, which is why it wasn't addressed in 2.0.7. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update (whenever that might be), but there's no guarantee on that. You can stop the frequent refugee encounters by going to see Kesh at the Peryite Shrine.

    Edit: The cause of this issue was recently determined. Bethesda mistakenly had the conditions on the encounter pointing to the wrong quest (DA13 instead of DA13Intro). The issue should now be fixed in the next update.
  7. Barnews 0 kudos 68 posts

    The fix of Bug #16959 that causes afflicted refugees (WEJS14) to be encountered more than once is anoying as hell.

    Why are you even doing changes like that?

    I dont like to see 2-4 afflicted refugees everytime i go from whiterun to solitude ...

    Can you please do something with that? It really breaks immersion of game.

    yum2014yum 0 kudos 52 posts

    In response to post #19253674.

    Why? They're refugeeS, as in, seldom get a single refugee, they come in waves .

    Barnews 0 kudos 68 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674 is also a reply to the same post.

    Why? Because i think it breaks immersion a lot. They spawn too often.

    cridus 5 kudos 314 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414 are all replies on the same post.

    either yum2014yum was joking or he misunderstood.

    @yum: he isn't complaining about the fact that the afflicted are more than one together, but because the random encounter with the afflicted guys has become too frequent, so much that there's probably something wrong.

    Selat 0 kudos 10 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344 are all replies on the same post.

    are you walking all the time?

    ShawnDriscoll 11 kudos 1921 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754 are all replies on the same post.

    In 2.0.6 (I'm not using 2.0.7 yet since it doesn't change enough to upgrade), they show up outside nearly every town, and in the same locations near those towns repeatedly. Just have them prompt you once to get their quest started. Then after that, treat them like a refugee that doesn't have dialogues.

    Barnews 0 kudos 68 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884 are all replies on the same post.


    Yes. I have disabled fast travel.

    Selat 0 kudos 10 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114 are all replies on the same post.

    cool! i never use fast travel, only the carriage in front of the cities when my patience is short.

    alt3rn1ty 114 kudos 1577 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319 are all replies on the same post.

    Its already noted on the tracker as a new issue - Issue #17360

    If you login there you will see numerous reports confirming the issue that have been made underneath it. There is also a save file provided for the team trouble shooting the problem.

    They only start occurring when you have been informed of the quest to go and see Kesh

    there are two separate "encounter quests" that are related to the "Afflicted."

    -- The encounter with the lone (friendly) afflicted is WEJS14. It only occurs prior to starting DA13 "The Only Cure".
    -- The encounter with the two (hostile) afflicted is WEJS15. It only occurs after completing DA13.

    Until the UPP team get around to looking at this again in a future patch .. they will stop if you go and see Kesh and complete the only cure, after which you will have the random encounter with two aggressive afflicted at some point.

    yum2014yum 0 kudos 52 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824 are all replies on the same post.

    I didn't misunderstand .

    What I meant was:

    In real life what is more likely? One refugee or many? I'd say many, so wouldn't it be more 'realistic' and 'immersive' to come across a different refugee at various points of the game, than only seeing one ever in the entire game?

    I don't mind seeing multiple refugees in multiple areas, it makes it more realistic as a population displacement due to an outbreak xD.

    yum2014yum 0 kudos 52 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074 are all replies on the same post.

    I encountered about 6 yesterday, gave me a real feeling of an epidemic .

    jaassu 14 kudos 480 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074, #19337684 are all replies on the same post.

    i am too seeing those afflicted much too often. v2.0.6.

    ShawnDriscoll 11 kudos 1921 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074, #19337684, #19343739 are all replies on the same post.

    In 2.0.5, I saw the one guy heading off to the Azura Shrine just about every 3 days somewhere. In 2.0.6 not a peep from him. Maybe he got himself killed? So that's why the afflicted guy is everywhere? To replace him as an encounter?

    Sartori75 5 kudos 355 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074, #19337684, #19343739, #19345014 are all replies on the same post.

    I'm tired of killing them, I think I'm at 37 murders, all of them afflicted.

    yum2014yum 0 kudos 52 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074, #19337684, #19343739, #19345014, #19386669 are all replies on the same post.

    You're doing them a favour ^^

    psadahm 0 kudos 6 posts

    In response to post #19253674. #19254674, #19257414, #19260344, #19260754, #19260884, #19261114, #19261319, #19306824, #19316074, #19337684, #19343739, #19345014, #19386669, #19422449 are all replies on the same post.

    I am experiencing the same problem in version 2.0.7.

    Vomiting refugees are everywhere! Someone please stop them.....X/
  8. Gankaku 7 kudos 779 posts

    I had a really old version and decided to update today to this patch (latest from 11/9 or 8; I downloaded but didn't install until today) and only this one. After I did that, my Hearthfires husband left me. Just took a walk and never came back. His menu showing he had stuff to sell never came up, but I could ask about the kids, make a meal or move. He is one that I force-married Not the in-game choices but a pick from a non-essential. I'm assuming he went back to Ivarstead...but for now it's broken.

    Also, when I leave the Hearthfire house, I black screen every time. I unchecked this mod and things worked again.

    I would like to go back to my previous (very old) patch for now but not sure what that is.

    Wanted to let you know this patch really borked my domestic arrangement for me!

    Edit: Oh and another weirdity - my domestic Vladimir from one of my other Hearthfire houses showed up in my house as well. So two housecarls in the house at once. He ended up leaving and that's when my husband decided to take a walk too. I did NOT cheat on my husband with Vladimir, ok?!

    Unfortunately I don't have my old patch to replace - I overwrote with this one. So I'm kind of screwed here.

    QUESTION: Must I have the Hearthfires updated patch when I patch with this original Skyrim patch? Or is this not necessary?

    EDIT: Well shoot. I went back to yesterday's clean save (no issues in game) and loaded USKP and all the other unofficial patches. I still get a black screen crash when leaving the house. My husband is home but not sure how long that will last.

    AaronOfMpls 31 kudos 1745 posts

    In response to post #19971889.

    This may be a good example of why I save zips (7z's, RARs, etc.).

    I wouldn't say the DLC patches are required, but they're very much recommended. Try installing them and see if you still have problems.

    Otherwise, if your old version was really old, it may be that too much has changed (though Arthmoor will know the details a lot better than me, partly because he can see what versions we've all downloaded). Also, any bugs marked [NR] (for "Not Retroactive") in the changelogs will only be fixed in new games; saves started before (those versions of) the patches will not have those fixes.

    How did you force-marry your guy, anyway? Did you add him to PotentialMarriageFaction and actually go through the ceremony in Riften (I did that with Ralof once, without issue), or were you a bit more quick-and-dirty?

    Gankaku 7 kudos 779 posts

    In response to post #19971889. #19986149 is also a reply to the same post.

    Yes I usually save zips. I save all my mods. Until the patch yesterday and I was like, what the heck write over it yeah it's cool. Of course that's the time there are problems.

    OK I installed all the DLCs on a save where I still have my husband so yes. He's still there. I will poke through the NR bug log thanks.

    Yes I added my guy to the PotentialMarriageFaction. He's a non-essential and there may have been one quest involving him. After I finished that he just wandered the town. (Gwilin the Bosmer in Ivarstead). We went though the ceremony, have been married and in Lakeview, have the kids, he's selling me stuff, the whole shebang. I just can't get that Lovers buff because he's not a normal marriageable npc. I decided to forego that to have him at the house.

    Now two things I did see last night after poking around...[strike] there's a map mod that supposedly causes a black screen crash out of the Hearthfire homes. I'm gonna check and see if I have that and will post back.[/strike] <- Not this. Also there is a highly endorsed mod that is supposed to resolve any of those types of crashes due to memory or whatever. (infinite loading screen; not sure if that's the problem or not but gonna test). There are other crashing problems with Hearthfire, but I've eliminated them all and now down to these two, along with the USKP. I will post back when I find out more today as I play.

    Also will post back if my husband leaves again. If that happens *sigh* I will try moving us all to another house temporarily and then back to Lakeview to see if he stops leaving/wandering.

    EDIT: I'm back. Loading Safety Load didn't work either. So I cannot exit the front door of Lakewood. However, I can exit the back properly without crashing. I've used Boss for my load order. I'm at a loss for ideas now, so I keep looking back at this patch. If I find a solution on my own, will let you all know. I will check back here for ideas and keep this patch updated from now on.

    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    In response to post #19971889. #19986149, #19989899 are all replies on the same post.

    Last version you downloaded says September 2013, which according to the changelog would have been version 1.3.3c. That's.... old

    I would strongly recommend never trying to run mismatched versions of the USKP and DLC patches. Especially if you tried to keep the old 1.x versions of the DLC patches while using USKP 2.0.7. That's not a scenario we test for and your results are going to be undefined. What you experienced may well have been caused by the radical mismatch.

    Safety Load is obsolete, and was never entirely stable. If you're looking for memory patching, you should look at SKSE and the integrated memory patch that comes with now. That works well and has lots and lots of happy people using it.

    You should also be using LOOT now for load order management as BOSS is essentially dead and hasn't been getting updates for a very long time now so will be producing bad load orders for you.

    Gankaku 7 kudos 779 posts

    In response to post #19971889. #19986149, #19989899, #19999784 are all replies on the same post.

    Arthmoor, OK so, I loaded SKSE yesterday. Sounds like you're saying I can remove Safety Load. It didn't resolve my problem anyway.

    I last downloaded the latest USKP just this past week. Sept 2013 was my one that was working before I patched with the new one. But since you've obviously seen Sept 2013 I will check my version that I installed again, to be sure. EDIT: Def. got 2.0.7 installed.

    And yes I found it stated that LOOT is boss now. I installed that yesterday and let it re-sort my mods.

    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    In response to post #19971889. #19986149, #19989899, #19999784, #20026854 are all replies on the same post.

    Make sure you've matched the DLC patches up too.

    Gankaku 7 kudos 779 posts

    In response to post #19971889. #19986149, #19989899, #19999784, #20026854, #20028889 are all replies on the same post.

    Everything's matched up, LOOT run. All looking good. Except I still have my original problems. I don't care about the front door anymore. I will just avoid it. But today I went to my hubby and was able to get our market money, then immediately he lost the sell dialog line. So...I'm afraid the same thing will happen. I reloaded, and now we're not talking. I'd rather have him around and me never buy or sell anything from him, then to lose the line totally and also have him maybe take off to boot.

    I've posted on the forums. Let's see what I can find out.
  9. MGSPhilly 0 kudos 3 posts

    Arthmoor...bless you for all the work you have put in on Skyrim...
    However...(lol),,,have you resolved any of the many bugs in the Waking Nightmare quest....dialogue, Erandur's movements.....etc. Apparently, you can't rush this quest it requires specific dialogue responses in order to move to the next Stage. Erandur is constantly repeating himself, "Yes son, what can I do for you?" both during the quest, and annoyingly, after the quest on the way out of Nightcaller Temple. There are many more issues with this quest. What gives with the USKP?
  10. dalec 2 kudos 187 posts

    I don't have any of the mods it lists. All those are stated all over the place.
    It's since Dragonborn I would say, but I have the UFDP as I had all the hearthfire stuff in before that.
    I cleaned what could be cleaned and so on.
    I know there are loads of houses but it's frustrating Not having it done and off the list.
  11. dalec 2 kudos 187 posts

    Has ANYONE figured out a patch for the invisible Windstad House ? a lot of people have it.
    I have 3 characters, one has just tried building it and stops before being able to build extensions, no house visable.
    The same for char with lakeview built and the same for char with lakeview and Herjm(sp?) built.
    It's crazy.

    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    In response to post #20027449.

    That's always been found to be the result of conflicts with stuff that's placed around the houses. Windstad isn't the only one that can have that happen. There's a link to a know list of conflicting mods (sadly not updated recently) on the UHFP page.
  12. waynemactavish 0 kudos 36 posts

    Hi, I've been using this patch for almost a year now, it's really great. But I'm also wondering if I can clean the Dawnguard.esm etc. with TES5Edit after installing the unofficial patches. If I clean them, would the game glitch out? And I tried to clean Portal.esm, the space core...BOSS said there's only 5 ITM that needs cleaning, but TES5Edit cleaned 8...Will it cause CTDs? If anyone can help me out here, I would be forever in your debt... :-)

    AaronOfMpls 31 kudos 1745 posts

    In response to post #19985064.

    Cleaning the DLCs is recommended, actually. See this page at the Creation Kit wiki. (I haven't had a problem with it yet, anyway.)

    As for the Space Core mod: If you're not sure it was cleaned properly, you can always restore TES5Edit's backup (default location: ...\skyrim\data\TES5Edit Backups\) or redownload it from Steam.

    Arthmoor 1259 kudos 7270 posts

    In response to post #19985064. #19985884 is also a reply to the same post.

    Yes, clean the DLCs, and go with what TES5Edit says with the Space Core too. BOSS is ancient, you should be using LOOT.