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    Arthmoor 1191 kudos 6947 posts

    Errors During NMM Installation

    If you get the following error:

    BOSS_API_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS: Master files must load before other plugins. The mod was not installed.

    You need to perform the following steps:

    - Uninstall and delete all the Unofficial patches in NMM.
    - Exit NMM.
    - Launch NMM again.
    - Download and install all of the updated Unofficial patches.
    - Run LOOT to sort your load order.

    Cannot Absorb Dragon Souls

    Make sure your load order is right!

    [Other ESMs]
    Official hi-res DLC
    [Other ESPs]

    Use LOOT - you'll enjoy life more.

    Loose Scripts in Data\Scripts

    Check for: dragonactorscript.pex and/or mqkilldragonscript.pex. Remove them if present. They are from dragon mods that came as loose files.

    DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious, and Diversified Dragons are known to cause this. Those mods need to be updated with a Dragonborn patch that incorporates the fixes from the UDBP.

    Skyrim Unbound ( will cause this as well due to the script being unaware of the changes for Dragonborn.

    Others may be a factor as well.

    Note too that the offending mod may have the script packaged inside a BSA. That will need to be handled by that mod's author.

    If you are using Mod Organizer and are here to report issues with dragon souls, sorry, but you're on your own as we do not support issues caused by incorrectly letting that program modify the BSA load order system the game has. Your post is likely to just be ignored. We don't have time to keep fending off false bug reports caused by people who insist on unpacking their BSA files using the program and thus subverting the entire system the game relies on for proper behavior.

    I've seen something called the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon)? What is this? Do I need it? Is it safe?

    The mod known as the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon) is not an approved extension and does not have the support of the Unofficial Patch Project. It's author has decided to make some deeply subjective design changes to the game and has chosen to market in such a way as to make it seem as though our project approves of its existence. We do not. This mod is not only full of subjective game design changes but also contains poorly implemented replacements for several fixes we've already made that in turn generate conflicts in the game and can even lead to save game corruption.

    We have on several occasions attempted to contact the author, who has contributed fixes directly into the patches before and has ALSO provided Italian translations. He refused to address the issue, in fact refused to acknowledge our concerns at all and has continued to operate as though nothing is wrong.

    You are strongly advised NOT to use this mod as it will be damaging to your game. We will NOT provide support to anyone who is using it in their games.

    We will rescind this warning if and ONLY if these issues are resolved. Further details available.

    If after reading the details available you still wish to use SMPC, please be sure to install the SMPC Overwrite Fix file that's listed on the optional files tab below the USKP's main file.

    DO NOT INSTALL this file if you are not using SMPC - your game will crash.
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    Arthmoor 1191 kudos 6947 posts

    Alright, in light of the new sticky comment ability, let's trial reopening the thread.


    First, some misinformation needs to be cleared up:

    1. The patch is not the cause of your game crashing. Before each full public release, the patch enters a beta stage where several knowledgeable people put it through its paces. On only one occasion has there been any hint of a possible CTD, and that turned out to be due to another mod's influence.

    If you're getting CTDs, you need to look elsewhere for the cause. Either you have outdated mods which need to be fixed, you haven't updated your game, or your save has reached a point of no return. Removing the patch because you think it caused the problem will only result in further damaging your save (see #3).

    2. When we report an issue as being fixed, it's been fixed. Continuing to report the same issues as still being broken indicates either a failed update on the user's part or another mod that is overriding the fix.

    3. There is no such thing as a clean save. It does not matter who tells you there is, it doesn't exist in Skyrim. You cannot remove any mod, not even the patch, without there being some data that's been permanently changed. Doing this repeatedly WILL damage your save and WILL eventually lead to it becoming corrupt and unusable. Bethesda's own developers have confirmed the only way to properly remove a mod is to load a save made BEFORE that mod was introduced into the game. If you started a new game with 10 mods installed, you're going to be stuck with those 10 forever.

    This is not something the patch broke. It's just the way Skyrim works. The old days of installing and removing mods at will and without consequences that people are used to from Fallout and Oblivion are gone.

    4. The releases made here are not "beta quality". They aren't betas at all. They have been tested. They are known to work. While it is definitely true that bugs can be introduced, these are relatively easy to spot and they get fixed with the next update cycle. Not everything will be caught though. We're all human.

    5. Scripts that log messages are not the cause of whatever is crashing the game. There's no guarantee that a script is even what the problem is. Reports of "this script crashed my game because Papyrus said so" will be ignored from now on.
  1. legorass 2 kudos 386 posts

    This patch fix not showing second 1h weapon at belt when idle? Or I need to install any animation mod to fix it?
  2. Derpindark 0 kudos 4 posts

    Hey if it isn't too much to ask for, you guys do so such a wonderful job at patching and a lot of us are having problems with the mod Become High King of Skyrim and the author of it has abandoned it, could you take a look at the problems everyone is having and release a patch for it?
  3. Rattlesnark 1 kudos 95 posts

    I have USKP 2.0.6 installed, but for some reason Sailor's Repose seems to still be bugged (permanently displayed by Sky UI) for me. USKP is right up the top of my load order under Update.esm, as suggested. Any ideas?

    The 'Hide Sailors Repose' mod seems to fix it, but seeing as it shouldn't be necessary to use it, I'd rather not have to put it in my load order. Here's my load order: [Removed, no longer needed]

    Lots of mods, so it's really long. Here's one with only the active ones: [Removed, no longer needed]

    EDIT 2:
    After some playing around with 'Hide Sailors Repose' load order position, I've determined the cause of the issue to be boss.esp. I believe this is from a mod I've had subscribed to on the workshop. Will investigate then return with my findings.

    EDIT 3:
    Mod is Legendary Creatures ( Using TES5EDIT to check the .esp, it seems to tamper with dunFrostflowAbyssBoonEffect. I've removed that change from the .esp (first time messing with stuff like this), and it seems to have solved the problem. Not sure of any side-effects on the mod itself, pretty strange for a mod that adds boss monsters to make such a change in the first place.
  4. Emton 1 kudos 186 posts

    I'm reading about this conflict between USKP and SMPC. When I read this part:
    "One of the three bugs caused by iDeathDropWeaponChance 0 affects weapons held by paralyzed and killed NPCs (using the Bullseye perk) that stay in mid-air as a side effect because they are now forcibly attached to actors."

    I have noticed this bug with weapons floating in the air when an NPC gets killed (don't remember if I used bullseye though). I use both USKP and SMPC what do I need to do to make sure this doesn't happen?

    Exactly what are all the conflicts between the 2 patches? I don't understand why a solution can't be agreed on without using extra patch files. Should I install the USKP patch for SMPC or should I quit using SMPC? I want the most bug free and stable skyrim experience.

    Arthmoor 1191 kudos 6947 posts

    In response to post #18303479.

    I want the most bug free and stable skyrim experience.

    Then you should avoid using SMPC.

    The trade off of being rid of the occasional floating bow after killing an NPC isn't worth reintroducing a save bloating bug that's guaranteed to happen when you clear out a dungeon.

    Emton 1 kudos 186 posts

    In response to post #18303479. #18313264 is also a reply to the same post.

    Well it's kind of an annoying bug. Is there any way I can run so my game is stable (no save bloating) and have this bug corrected? I've heard people's opinions that having iDeathDropWeaponChance 0 is not a good idea. Can ya'll look into a way to resolve this floating weapon bug?

    TehKaoZ 26 kudos 1968 posts

    In response to post #18303479. #18313264, #18319679 are all replies on the same post.

    He said it was a tradeoff so it's one of those cases of either/or not both unfortunately. Trust me if Arthmoor could fix it it would have been fixed.

    Emton 1 kudos 186 posts

    In response to post #18303479. #18313264, #18319679, #18319724 are all replies on the same post.

    How can I know if my save game is getting bloated? What is a normal file size for the save game and how much gets added when it's becoming unacceptably bloated, what should I look for?

    noobzor 68 kudos 2034 posts

    In response to post #18303479. #18313264, #18319679, #18319724, #18320274 are all replies on the same post.

    Don't keep overwriting your savegame, make a new save every time. Then, at some point, look at the files in your save folder (usually under My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves). If the save files keep getting bigger and bigger over time, then you have save bloat.

    rafoscon 6 kudos 755 posts

    In response to post #18303479. #18313264, #18319679, #18319724, #18320274, #18350664 are all replies on the same post.

    it s happening to me too it keeps groing without adding any new mods !!! , how do i know whats causing it ?
  5. rafoscon 6 kudos 755 posts

    hey guys someone encountered the problem where after a while on a new game the enchanter doesint see anymore your armor/cloth , doesint see anymore any armor or clothes in your inventory only weapons even if you have enchantments that can be applied to them ?!! .

    rafoscon 6 kudos 755 posts

    In response to post #18324994.

    no one ?!! .
  6. tropical1604 0 kudos 13 posts


    Help! I just acquired the quest to "Find Darkeethus". Problem is I have no quest marker to find him.

    Anyone else experiencing this bug?

    akparkison 2 kudos 246 posts

    In response to post #18279604.

    It's not a bug. Look up Darkwater Pass on Google and read about it on the UESP. It will tell you there is no quest marker, but Darkwater Pass is where to find him. I found this frustrating the first time I had to rescue him and had to look it up myself. : )

    tropical1604 0 kudos 13 posts

    In response to post #18279604. #18297554 is also a reply to the same post.

    That is a relief! Thanks for responding

    akparkison 2 kudos 246 posts

    In response to post #18279604. #18297554, #18299349 are all replies on the same post.

    No problem. I thought it was strange...still do. I like my quest markers! : )

    noobzor 68 kudos 2034 posts

    In response to post #18279604. #18297554, #18299349, #18348259 are all replies on the same post.

    Its because the guy who sends you on that quest (I think it was Sondas?) doesn't know where Derkeethus is, he only knows that he swam up to the falls and didn't come back. You are supposed to go looking around the falls for him, and eventually stumble across the cave, not knowing whether he is there or not. They aren't very common, but Skyrim does have a few quests like this where you just have to figure it out.
  7. kradus 1 kudos 517 posts

    The labyrinthian doesn't have a word wall refference.
    Is this something the patch could handle?

    There are animals in Bloated Man's Grotto. When approaching Sinding we both get attacked by bears, which interrupts the dialogue.
  8. MidbossVyers 4 kudos 1499 posts

    When doing Sergius' item pickup quests, if you are picking up an item from Aicantar and he is already dead because of the events of the Thieves Guild quest line, there will be no quest marker and no way to proceed with the quest.

    cridus 4 kudos 286 posts

    In response to post #18130909.

    add a bug issue here if you didn't already:

    blackpete8427 0 kudos 14 posts

    In response to post #18130909. #18180874 is also a reply to the same post.

    I made a note of this in the tracker. It will be looked into (as time allows) to see if anything needs fixing.
  9. buckeye61684 1 kudos 110 posts

    Anyone know how to fix the Elves Ear bug where you pick one and the whole row disappears but are technically still there. I have fixed it before accidentally but have no idea what mod fixed it or what mod could be causing the issue if it isn't a bug from the vanilla game. I can live with the bug but would be nice to fix if anyone knows how. Thanks in advance.

    blackpete8427 0 kudos 14 posts

    In response to post #18180274.

    This may be an engine bug, but I'm not positive on that. I've had this happen with a number of items in the game besides Elves Ear ingredients. A recent issue was discovered where Elves Ears have too small of a collision radius on their meshes, which is going to be addressed in the next update, but I'm not positive that there is any relation between the two issues.
  10. deivisonrpg 0 kudos 1 posts

    Great work, guys congratulations!
    But with this patch the problem with my translation (PT-BR). Could you release a version unpatched strings, for personnel using translations.

    AaronOfMpls 27 kudos 1422 posts

    In response to post #18273224.

    Click the "TRANSL" link at the top of the page. There's a Portuguese (PT-BR) translation of the patch there.
  11. RGS 1 kudos 98 posts

    Hi guys,

    Sorry if I missed this info elsewhere, but what's the best practice for upgrading to the latest versions of the patches from the older ESP versions (currently running 1.3.3c, I assume it's the same for DG, DB and HF too)? Am I best off just sticking with what I have for this playthrough? The very last thing I want to do is introduce any issues with my save... (many hours in, with many more still to go).

    Only bug I've noticed with my current version is that the rocks for many of the campfires are using the wrong texture, particularly in the Rift (dirt and fallen leaves instead of the correct 'rock' texture). There must be plenty of other small things too, but for some reason I always spot this one!

    If I remove/uninstall the old patches via NMM and install the new ones, will I get the warning message about missing data when loading a save?

    Thanks a lot in advance .

    cridus 4 kudos 286 posts

    In response to post #18140349.

    I guess you wouldn't, since the mod is the same (I don't know if the game checks only the mod's name to show that message, but I guess so).

    RGS 1 kudos 98 posts

    In response to post #18140349. #18180924 is also a reply to the same post.

    Thanks for the reply - What's the best way to update the files though? Should I just completely uninstall the old ones via NMM and then install the new ones?

    Thanks for the help.

    cridus 4 kudos 286 posts

    In response to post #18140349. #18180924, #18249814 are all replies on the same post.

    I don't know how NMM works, I guess you can update it as you would with any other esp+bsa mod, since I install it manually by simply replacing the old files with the new ones.

    AaronOfMpls 27 kudos 1422 posts

    In response to post #18140349. #18180924, #18249814, #18260734 are all replies on the same post.

    I do the same thing in MO, just replace the old files with the new ones. (I save all my downloads, too, so I can easily reinstall the old version if another mod doesn't like the new one for some reason.)
  12. Emton 1 kudos 186 posts

    Heyy I got a bug you can fix. This merchant in Windhelm, Aval Atheron, when you go to his table it's covered in bloodly meat, a mammoth snout, horker meat, yet when you see his inventory he's selling NO meat and instead selling things like shields, potions, arrows, jewelry, misc stuff etc. Uh well I'd expect this guy to be selling fresh cuts of various tender meats, not these items, so for me it's a bug. Would this be something USKP fixes or should SMPC make this adjustment?

    blackpete8427 0 kudos 14 posts

    In response to post #18265639.

    Yes, that sounds like a bug. I will go ahead and make a note of that issue and see if that can be addressed in an upcoming USKP update.