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    Mod Organizer Users:

    If you are having trouble with the USKP being listed with the ESP files and other mods claiming they're missing a master, you need to update to MO version 1.3.8 or higher. OLDER VERSIONS WILL NOT WORK.

    If you cannot update MO because your OS is no longer supported, this is 2015, get a copy of Windows 7. Or use another mod manager that doesn't have this issue, like Wrye Bash or NMM.

    (Yes, I mean Windows 7. I may be a jackass, but I'm not evil and won't suggest you get 8, 8.1, or 10.)

    Skyproc Users:

    Get the author of the SkyProc patcher you're using to update their patcher files. The issues with SkyProc have been fixed for over a month now and there is no longer any excuse for them not being updated.

    If the author of your patcher is inactive or refuses to update their work, you should strongly consider dropping their mods from your load order and finding current alternatives that are being properly maintained.

    The old workaround is no longer something we recommend people do as they are routinely skipping steps and corrupting their games by using it, then blaming us for their errors.
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    Errors During NMM Installation

    If you get the following error:

    BOSS_API_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS: Master files must load before other plugins. The mod was not installed.

    You need to perform the following steps:

    - Uninstall and delete all the Unofficial patches in NMM.
    - Exit NMM.
    - Launch NMM again.
    - Download and install all of the updated Unofficial patches.
    - Run LOOT to sort your load order.

    Cannot Absorb Dragon Souls

    Make sure your load order is right!

    [Other ESMs]
    Official hi-res DLC
    [Other ESPs]

    Use LOOT - you'll enjoy life more.

    Loose Scripts in Data\Scripts

    Check for: dragonactorscript.pex and/or mqkilldragonscript.pex. Remove them if present. They are from dragon mods that came as loose files.

    DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious, and Diversified Dragons are known to cause this. Those mods need to be updated with a Dragonborn patch that incorporates the fixes from the UDBP.

    Skyrim Unbound ( will cause this as well due to the script being unaware of the changes for Dragonborn.

    Others may be a factor as well.

    Note too that the offending mod may have the script packaged inside a BSA. That will need to be handled by that mod's author.

    If you are using Mod Organizer and are here to report issues with dragon souls, sorry, but you're on your own as we do not support issues caused by incorrectly letting that program modify the BSA load order system the game has. Your post is likely to just be ignored. We don't have time to keep fending off false bug reports caused by people who insist on unpacking their BSA files using the program and thus subverting the entire system the game relies on for proper behavior.

    I've seen something called the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon)? What is this? Do I need it? Is it safe?

    The mod known as the Skyrim Misc Patches Collection (aka USKP_Addon) is not an approved extension and does not have the support of the Unofficial Patch Project. It's author has decided to make some deeply subjective design changes to the game and has chosen to market in such a way as to make it seem as though our project approves of its existence. We do not. This mod is not only full of subjective game design changes but also contains poorly implemented replacements for several fixes we've already made that in turn generate conflicts in the game and can even lead to save game corruption.

    We have on several occasions attempted to contact the author, who has contributed fixes directly into the patches before and has ALSO provided Italian translations. He refused to address the issue, in fact refused to acknowledge our concerns at all and has continued to operate as though nothing is wrong.

    You are strongly advised NOT to use this mod as it will be damaging to your game. We will NOT provide support to anyone who is using it in their games.

    We will rescind this warning if and ONLY if these issues are resolved. Further details available.

    If after reading the details available you still wish to use SMPC, please be sure to install the SMPC Overwrite Fix file that's listed on the optional files tab below the USKP's main file.

    DO NOT INSTALL this file if you are not using SMPC - your game will crash.
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    Alright, in light of the new sticky comment ability, let's trial reopening the thread.


    First, some misinformation needs to be cleared up:

    1. The patch is not the cause of your game crashing. Before each full public release, the patch enters a beta stage where several knowledgeable people put it through its paces. On only one occasion has there been any hint of a possible CTD, and that turned out to be due to another mod's influence.

    If you're getting CTDs, you need to look elsewhere for the cause. Either you have outdated mods which need to be fixed, you haven't updated your game, or your save has reached a point of no return. Removing the patch because you think it caused the problem will only result in further damaging your save (see #3).

    2. When we report an issue as being fixed, it's been fixed. Continuing to report the same issues as still being broken indicates either a failed update on the user's part or another mod that is overriding the fix.

    3. There is no such thing as a clean save. It does not matter who tells you there is, it doesn't exist in Skyrim. You cannot remove any mod, not even the patch, without there being some data that's been permanently changed. Doing this repeatedly WILL damage your save and WILL eventually lead to it becoming corrupt and unusable. Bethesda's own developers have confirmed the only way to properly remove a mod is to load a save made BEFORE that mod was introduced into the game. If you started a new game with 10 mods installed, you're going to be stuck with those 10 forever.

    This is not something the patch broke. It's just the way Skyrim works. The old days of installing and removing mods at will and without consequences that people are used to from Fallout and Oblivion are gone.

    4. The releases made here are not "beta quality". They aren't betas at all. They have been tested. They are known to work. While it is definitely true that bugs can be introduced, these are relatively easy to spot and they get fixed with the next update cycle. Not everything will be caught though. We're all human.

    5. Scripts that log messages are not the cause of whatever is crashing the game. There's no guarantee that a script is even what the problem is. Reports of "this script crashed my game because Papyrus said so" will be ignored from now on.

    6. Rude, abusive, trollish, or just plain untrue posts where it's obvious the poster is LYING will result in an immediate download block. Pick your words carefully people. We don't have to put up with you, and from now on, we simply won't. Trolls will also be forwarded to the moderators for appropriate action as needed.
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    General FYI for those of you who aren't reading the forums.

    Yes. We're going Legendary! Read the thread for the details. Gonna sticky this, as if we don't have enough already, so any replies on that should go to the forum thread
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    My LOOT gives me the message:
    >This plugin is now considered harmful and should not be used.

    Any known reason why?

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #28161369.


    That's for SMPC, not the USKP.

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    In response to post #28161369. #28170529 is also a reply to the same post.


    To expand on this:
    If you plan on using an existing save, keep the SMPC & the related USKP patch for SMPC.

    If you're starting a new game or are fine with starting over (a good time to check on updating mods or finding new ones), then uninstall & delete SMPC & the USKP patch for SMPC.

    LOOT is just informing you that, officially, SMPC is outdated/no longer supported, so it's better to remove it if it won't conflict with a current save, & it's warning unfamiliar users from trying to use SMPC.
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    Since updating to 2.1.3a I have this bug where shouts like Unrelenting Force sometimes dont fire straight but go off in random directions like straight into the ground or the top left or bottom right of the screen. I managed to replicate this 3 times by using god mode (tgm), aggro whiterun guards and spamming unrelenting force in first person, third person, when crouched, at different areas and different NPCs lots of times until it wouldnt fire straight.
    I couldnt replicate it in 2.1. Anyone else experienced this? It's really annoying when in combat so I went back to 2.1
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    For the Skyproc Patcher Error
    And what happens to those of us who have Windows 10 or 8? Is there no fix for us? Not my fault I can't go back to windows 7 without a LOT of extra hassle.

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    In response to post #28166024.


    I think you missed the sarcasm dripping from Arthmoor's reference to Windows 8 and 10

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #28166024. #28170559 is also a reply to the same post.


    At least someone got it

    Eolhin 31 kudos 3113 posts

    In response to post #28166024. #28170559, #28172119 are all replies on the same post.


    The updated MO should work fine for Windows 8 or 10. It just requires Windows 7 OR NEWER (check out the MO page for yourself, always a good idea before updating). Arthmoor was just getting his opinion of certain windows versions into his post. Take a deep breath, and don't panic.

    (And yes, I got the heaping bucket of sarcasm Arthmoor. I happen to share your opinion on the newer Windows versions. )

    slygeezer 7 kudos 419 posts

    In response to post #28166024. #28170559, #28172119, #28190699 are all replies on the same post.


    Maybe if they'd named their "final" OS Windows 9 I'd be a bit more upbeat about upgrading....
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    Been using this mod for quite a bit. I've noticed that after the last couple patches, hostile animals eg: Cave Bears, Sabre Cats and the like spawns near small villages/ stables and started killing off npcs, is there a bug causing it to do so? Other than all the unofficial bug fixing mods, I don't use any other mods.

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27922834.


    I've not observed this to happen outside of one report of wolves managing to get close enough to Dawnstar to risk them attacking NPCs there. Yet, in that case, the spawn marker is 4 cells away and shouldn't be able to do that. So I'd say SOMETHING is definitely wrong, but in that case identifying what has been impossible. Whatever it is, it's likely some buried vanilla issue that just hasn't been getting reported. Possibly because people think it's normal or they think they dragged aggro'd creatures into the towns.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189 is also a reply to the same post.


    In my game too.

    In Dawnstar I very often find 2 ice wraiths at odds with the hooded woman working at the inn. Half the times the lass is dead already. I have the habit of saving far away, before the town cell is loaded, so I can reload.

    In Rorikstead sometimes a Saber Cat runs down from the hill to the north while chasing an Elk. The Elk runs closer to the cultivated land, the Saber Cat kills the Elk and stays there. Moments later a regular farmer (I think he's the father of the 2 little girls constantly running around) rushes to face the Saber Cat. The farmer is dead meat in seconds if I don't get to aggro the Saber Cat quickly.
    When not chasing an Elk, the Saber Cat descends from the hill and goes for the chickens on the main road running through Rorikstead. Then a high-elf farmer female rushes to fight the Saber Cat.

    Rorikstead's town guards never intervene. They're simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like, always.
    Dawnstar's town guards occasionally fight and even kill the 2 ice wraiths - but the hooded wench is beyond rescue regardless, unless I'm close by.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719 are all replies on the same post.


    I've seen this frequently at Dragon Bridge, always a bear at the northeast outer edge of the ETaC additions.

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659 are all replies on the same post.


    If this sort of thing is happening as the result of wildlife chasing other wildlife there isn't much that can be done. Bethesda was generally careful enough to keep these things far enough away from population areas and I recall we only had to move a bear patrol marker near Heartwood Mill because it was a bit too close.

    Having issues with this on the outskirts of additions provided by mods would fall to those mod authors to deal with.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344 are all replies on the same post.


    I have seen the 2 ice wraiths, and the wolves, at Dawnstar several times, and bandits can end up there as well, and I don't have any town/city expansions installed (other then ruined buildings added to Winterhold by INPCs). The caravan does camp along the road though, in the direction of the spawn location, so might their activity be helping to draw these threats into Dawnstar? That place sure is cursed.

    Madcat221 321 kudos 2813 posts

    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734 are all replies on the same post.


    I have the sneaking suspicion that creature respawns occur wherever the creature last died. I always console-kill wayward animals in town, go way out of town, resurrect them, moveto them to my location and then re-console-kill them to ensure that it isn't an issue. That may be problematic with ice wraiths though...

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459 are all replies on the same post.


    That could very well be, and if that's true, there's nothing we could do about that.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014 are all replies on the same post.


    I'm not suggesting this is something that USKP can, or should, fix, because I'm convinced the vast majority of occurrences are not due to any vanilla issue. With so many mods adding structures and/or npcs to the worldspace these incursions are inevitable, and it can be difficult to identify the mod, or mods, responsible in a given location. In my Dragon Bridge example ETaC seems like it may be the culprit. However, I have ETaC (and Better Fast Travel) at Dawnstar yet I have never seen any ice wraith, wolf, bandit, etc. incursions there.

    Sort of like RL, you build out in the wild, you can't get too upset when a bear eats your dog. Or your blacksmith.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014, #27961204 are all replies on the same post.


    The wolf attacks in Dawnstar are consistent and I don't have a single mod editing Dawnstar. I'm someone who took a picture of them and added it to the Tracdown sometime ago. They are definitely not being "dragged into town" in my case.

    For me, they appear pretty much out of nowhere near the Jarl's Longhouse only and they pretty much always interrupt the scripted scene that you see there when you first visit Dawnstar. I have never seen ice wraiths though. Knock on wood.

    I have, however, a few times seen a frostbite spider cross the bridge into Morthal. That. I have no idea what is going on there. If it's the spider somehow following me out of nowhere or if it's a bug.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014, #27961204, #27961374 are all replies on the same post.


    I too have no mods that edit the towns or the lands.

    These things just seem to happen. Take the spider in Morthal for example. Certainly no script told it to head there directly. Rather it was the result of a streak of random rolls that contributed to bring the spider to town. Rare as it may be, it happened once, it can again. My 2 ice wraiths in Dawnstar are pretty much constant instead. Perhaps they spawn real close to the inn and attack the first thing they spot, namely the hooded wench while out woodcutting? Who knows.

    But all wildlife is expected to obey the ancestral rule 'Fear Of Man'. Only under specific circumstances this rule is broken: uncontrolled growth of the pack, or anyway lack of food or lack of living space. No such thing can occur in Skyrim because the game world isn't simulated in that depth, therefore no wildlife should wander close to civilized areas (let alone run into it at full speed).

    Only foxes and wolves are expected to make rare exceptions, and only during night time, and only to hunt small prey like chickens or bunnies. In 1300+ play hours I have yet to see a fox kill a chicken or bunny anywhere at anytime, btw.

    A big Saber Cat that runs into town in broad daylight to go slaughter one chicken is nonsense. An Elk running to town in order to flee that Saber Cat is equally nonsense. From the Elk's point of view it would be fleeing one predator only to go sack itself into a place full of other predators.
    The game shows that Bethesda placed no [robust] check on these things because wildlife just tread wherever they please.

    Take the random NPC encouters as another example.
    I found Imperial soldiers, complete with Stormclock prisoner, walking a road that passes extremely close to Windhelm. What's stopping the prisoner from running to his comrades yelling 'Imperials' at the top of his lungs?
    I found the farmer going to join the Stormcloaks on the road that goes uphill to Solitude's gates, and yes he was heading uphill.
    I found the pilgrim going to Azura's shrine near Markarth, facing totally the wrong direction. Planning to reach the shrine by circling Nirn, perhaps.
    These things happen often. Next time you see them random encounters take a look at the map.

    These behaviors go against logic. Blatantly, not subtly. They are either 'unwanted behaviors' directly, or 'unforeseen behaviors' that cause unwanted results indirectly. Game bugs anyway we tag them.
    Don't take this the wrong way, but if it's no taboo I politely ask why the USKP hasn't addressed them. Thanks.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014, #27961204, #27961374, #27981569 are all replies on the same post.


    "I found the pilgrim going to Azura's shrine near Markarth, facing totally the wrong direction. Planning to reach the shrine by circling Nirn, perhaps."

    This. See it all the time. Nuts. And I agree with everything else you said. Well stated.

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014, #27961204, #27961374, #27981569, #27999869 are all replies on the same post.


    Perhaps you don't quite grasp what it is MadCat was getting at. If, somehow, the creature ends up near the city, then is killed, and later respawns, he's saying they may respawn at the last point of death. Which would be dumb, but if that's true, there is NOTHING AT ALL we can do about that.

    Also, the "fear of man" doesn't apply for anyone who pays even the slightest attention to how wildlife behaves in TES games. Wolves, bears, sabre cats, they all gang rush you rather than avoid you. Even if you didn't provoke them. It's entirely possible to aggro a creature and have it follow you for awhile, then have it lose track of YOU but instead it latches on to someone or something else. If you dragged it close enough to a city without realizing it, that livestock is juicy meat to them.

    So while I agree these behaviors are buggy, you have to stop and realize that there's unlikely anything that can be done. A lot of this kind of thing is embedded behavior in the engine and even AI overhauls can't fix it all even if they want to.

    The same thing is true of the pathfinding behavior for NPCs trying to travel long distances. The game's navmeshing system simply isn't up to the task of handling it. Which is why you get farmers walking through Solitude on the way to Windhelm, or pilgrims taking the wrong way to a shrine, or the Companions not being able to complete the journey to Ysgramor's Tomb without you fast traveling there. Even if the global navmeshes were 100% accurate I'm not sure the game's inherent limits can be overcome to make these things work right.

    We'd all like them to be fixed. Right now, it looks like this sort of thing is simply unfixable. If someone can come up with a solution that works, and is willing to contribute it to us, we'll be happy to take it on board. Provided that said solution does not become an undue burden on game performance and/or memory usage.

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    In response to post #27922834. #27931189, #27934719, #27935659, #27936344, #27937734, #27953459, #27961014, #27961204, #27961374, #27981569, #27999869, #28001109 are all replies on the same post.


    (browsing and came across this convo)

    You could use the One With Nature mod "" to set the various animal/creature behaviors, it would solve at least some of the headaches I've seen described here.
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    Some other floating grass in Ruunvald Excavation (manual cell fix needed?)

    A question: these 2 snow/ice "colliding" colors are "Bethesda intended", right?

    *Yngvild Borrow (Throne Room)

    *Bloodlet Throne

    blackpete8427 11 kudos 273 posts

    In response to post #28077229.


    Those screenshots are helpful and everything, but in order to look into these issues - we will need FormIDs for the objects that are in question.
  6. CookedSpaghetti 0 kudos 28 posts

    I have steam skyrim but I dont have an update.esm??

    adammcbane 6 kudos 918 posts

    In response to post #28100374.


    Reinstall the game something went wrong. You can also try to do this

    1. Right click Skyrim on Steam games list
    2. Look for Properties at the very bottom of the pop up menu
    3. Click properties
    4. In the menu that comes up go to the Local Files tab
    5. In local files tab you will find VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE that might do the trick.

    This of course has been what I do and usually solves my problems someone else may have a better answeras I have never had that missing.
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    I am unable to get the Greybeards to do anything once I start speaking to them in "The Way of the Voice" quest. I speak with the leader, I shout at him, I speak to him again, then he takes his position in the lobby and nothing else happens. I understand that this patch fixed this some time ago but it has apparently cropped up again. Or it is interference from another mod, possibly AI Overhaul.

    slygeezer 7 kudos 419 posts

    In response to post #28096824.


    Possibly. I just went through that meeting without any hitches. I'm running the latest unofficial patches. I am not running AI Overhaul; there are probably other differences too. If you think that's it, try disabling AI Overhaul and re-enter High Hrothgar. See if the scene plays out properly.
    Good luck.

    Bigred2989 0 kudos 23 posts

    In response to post #28096824. #28097099 is also a reply to the same post.


    Still nothing. The quest isn't updating once the first conversation starts. From what I can see on the wiki the journal should ask me to demonstrate the shout to him, etc. That doesn't happen. Even using console commands does nothing. The journal doesn't update.
  8. Emton 2 kudos 232 posts

    Uh here's a suggestion for USKP and you can decide if it fit's into their job description. Anyway I'm at Riften and I'm chopping wood, I get a few extra so I drop them on the ground, a few moments later half the town is gathered around the 2 pieces of firewood I dropped, and they are arguing and preparing to fight over who gets to keep the firewood, suddenly Aerin and his friend pull out their blades and just start laying into Brand Shei and leave him crawling and bloodied on the ground.

    Well I think this is a little extreme for 2 pieces of firewood, perhaps the value of items NPCs will fight over could be raised to something a little more believable, like 100 or 200 gold. Cause anything valued less is just so common it doesn't make sense why the NPCs would be fighting over it. Ok discuss among yourselves.

    Emton 2 kudos 232 posts

    In response to post #27958344.


    Again now, I dropped an empty bottle, value: 1 gold, Vulwulf Snow-Shod just HAS to have it but Aerin and Mjoll gang up and tear him to pieces, I proceed to gather up his nice loot and his house key but this is getting silly.... SILLY Earlier this got the elf food vendor in Riften killed too.

    slygeezer 7 kudos 419 posts

    In response to post #27958344. #28001384 is also a reply to the same post.


    I like to play a stealth character so I've spent a lot of time in Riften and I have never seen anything like what you describe.

    If I were to guess I'd say another mod is causing all the ruckus in your game. It certainly does not happen in a mostly vanilla Riften.

    Emton 2 kudos 232 posts

    In response to post #27958344. #28001384, #28003169 are all replies on the same post.


    Dang I got like 50 mods I wonder what it could be. So you drop stuff on the ground and NPCs never take interest in them? I mean I thought that was a vanilla thing but I don't know never played much vanilla.

    Edit: I did a search about this and other people have the same thing even running vanilla I think. Should probably look into it.

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27958344. #28001384, #28003169, #28004874 are all replies on the same post.


    It's a vanilla event, and is behaving exactly as intended by Bethesda. Yes. They intended people to occasionally fight over things you drop. It is in fact one of the big selling points they made during the marketing run up to 11/11/11.

    That event doesn't have any greater chance of occurring than all the others, where NPCs might ask if they can take it etc, so if you're seeing this particular one A LOT, then another mod has done something to cause that.

    Emton 2 kudos 232 posts

    In response to post #27958344. #28001384, #28003169, #28004874, #28025334 are all replies on the same post.


    I'm fairly sure there's no mod that's changing this. I would recommend if the tweak is simple to raise the value threshold for items the NPCs will fight over to something like 100 gold so they're not fighting and dying over trash items like firewood and empty bottles it just doesn't make sense.

    Eolhin 31 kudos 3113 posts

    In response to post #27958344. #28001384, #28003169, #28004874, #28025334, #28036534 are all replies on the same post.


    I just don't drop things in towns, at least not intentionally. If you really need to get rid of trash, there are unowned barrels in most all towns that you can put the stuff into and it will vanish when the town resets. I think Bethesda may have done that to prevent save bloat due to keeping track of every bit of trash that you drop, and clutter building up on the ground in towns and interfering with things.
  9. CaptainDucky 0 kudos 16 posts

    I have a weird issue where the AI after this mod has turned dumb. I did a new game and a guy riding on a horse ran over the cart to go in front of us (strange) and I had to restart because the horse aimed for a tree (the horse carrying the cart). When I got to the gate nobody opened the door. WTF?

    Arthmoor 1664 kudos 8852 posts

    In response to post #27991934.


    Sounds like you should be reporting this to whatever mod author modified the carriages to behave as you're describing. That's not a feature in the vanilla game.

    CaptainDucky 0 kudos 16 posts

    In response to post #27991934. #28025379 is also a reply to the same post.


    I fixed it with alternate life, it turns out it is a bug or glitch with the carriages.
  10. Mindcrimes 3 kudos 202 posts

    In my recent playthrough my character got married and I've noticed their store dialogue never appears and I'm unable to make store money. For the life of me I can't understand why since I never had this problem in old playthroughs and I was wondering if there's any way one of the unofficial patches might cause it? (Like maybe fixing something that was broken before and let me get gold when I shouldn't have) If not, I guess I'll have to try to figure it out, somehow. =x
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    During the thieves guild quest where you go to Honningbrew Meadery, at the end of the quest you get the key to the upstairs and told by the new owner to help yourself to anything up there basically. But of course taking anything up there marks it as stolen (upon which case a bit later the same character that gave you the key and now own it will buy it back!. So can you mark the stuff up there as not beloning to Sabjorn or whatever, since the door is quest-locked until you get the key anyway?
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    why wont Skyrim play on my windows 8 computer. Its always skipping when I'm playing.

    slygeezer 7 kudos 419 posts

    In response to post #28028279.


    First off, welcome to NEXUS

    If you're new to playing Skyrim and need help in getting the game running properly a good place to go for help with the basics is the Bethesda forum. This thread should get you started:

    Good luck!