Trails leading to Skyrym is a story I'm working on. I've only done a short prologue to it. Prologue is a part of one of the main characters in the story Jared, a 1000 year old pure blood vampire


“Never thought a werewolf and a vampire can live together, or that I would be the only one keeping her from going on a rampage.” –Jared

4E 150, Last entry from Morrowind.

I’ve became a vampire 1000 years ago and not even once have I thought I would be a friend whit a werewolf, or fall in love whit one. This world sure is fucked up. Since the day I’ve became a child of the night I’ve learned one thing. Kill a werewolf on sight without hesitation or you will be his meal. I was always interested in history and alchemy. I must say that I’m happy whit being immortal; I can study all things I’ve loved before being blessed by Molag Bal. From all the books that I’ve read one story has caught my attention, and that is about a story of the Apex werebeasts. They are the right hand of Hircine and because of that they are immortal same as us. I had never thought that there was a difference between the werebeasts but I was so wrong. Those that are born from werebeasts parents gain immortality from Hircine and they also gain power all over werebeasts. All lesser one will fear the Apex and will follow it. Because of that ability they will fight to the death for supremacy same as alpha males in a wolf pack. One Apex is mentioned in a lot of writings and I can say she is one though bitch. It seems that she was born from two Apex parents which seem to be fabrication if they fight for supremacy and only one survives. But if that is true I don’t want to meet her, or that was before I got the idea of enslaving them to protect us. Know don’t get me wrong I’m no milkdrinker but that child would be very powerful in beast form. Story goes further whit her growing up but I won’t bother you whit boring stuff that is not necessary. At her 24th birthday she turned for the first time when the harvest moon was on the night sky. She went berserk, as all pups will go at their first turning, and killed a whole town and her parents in the process also eating their hearts, making her the leader of the werebeasts. Hircine was happy of his new lieutenant and gave her the ability to transform at will. Seems it was the biggest mistake he did. That child’s bloodlust was unstoppable and soon Hircine cursed the day that he gave her shape shifting ability. There was no way to stop her, or better said is that he didn’t want to destroy her, so he sealed her inside a magic tomb until he would call her to hunt again. No one knows where that tomb is but would be very interesting to see her awaken. So I have started searching this unknown tomb. I searched all over Tamriel whit no luck but some clues led me to Skyrim. All the trails place the tomb somewhere in between Dawnstar and Winterhold. Seems I’ll have to travel there and continue my search. My kind thinks I’m insane but I have a plan. Enslaving her will make us unstoppable, both in daytime and nighttime. If she will be forced to listen to us her kindred will make one of the best bodyguards we have, far better than those damn death hounds and gargoyles.

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