I started over. I did save my game from bugs but decided I'd rather start over anyways. Plus I was looking back at OLD screenshots and remember Julien being different then compared to how he is now. I don't really like how he's come along, when I started him I imagined him to be 32 years old and lived a quiet life away from his life of nobility in a small church devoting his time to healing and spreading the word of Mara's Benevolence. He had his way with restoration magic and preferred to avoid battle but could fight back if needed.

Somehow while I was playing he just managed to get younger, became more of a somewhat spineless wimp. I don't really want that, I think he just kinda developed like that to contrast with his travel companion Stenvar. I guess this time without him I noticed how different things became. Also his main hairstyle makes him look really young too, so I might not use it as much anymore.

So now he's a simple pious man. He still has his fears but he's more mature and can overcome them easily. And much to his disliking he is in fact a Dovahkiin. A heavy title to hold but he will accept it if it means protecting the world.

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