Sarah looked around the room, taking in the cobwebs and dust..., the dim light proving no hindrance to her unnatural vision.

"I really have to get this place cleared up, never know when visitors might drop in."

Sarah thought about that for a moment, and smiled. She fluttered her hand at the though and turned to head up the stairs towards her coffin. It'd been a long night already and the sun was beginning to show itself outside.

"Heh, now I'm just being silly... Nobody knows how to get in here. I mean, it's not like they can just knock on the door..."

She lifted the lid to her coffin and plumped up the dark cushion that she lay her head on during her sleep and then laid down, shuffling herself back and forth to get comfortable.

"...they'd have to be able to reach it first."

With that she leaned over and blew out the nearby candle and pulled the lid down until it clicked.

"Oh well...*Yawn* ...good morning world, have a good time while I'm resting."

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