Sarah had planned this for over a week.

An Imperial officer had arrived in town and she was dedicated to getting a taste of him, possibly even keeping him if he was nice enough.

Now, having finally managed to wrangle an expensive dinner out of him, she was going to enjoy it. Sarah had learned long ago how to hold down solid food in the effort of appearing mortal, a talent that paid off well in many situations. Even managed to evade a few Vampire hunters with it.

"Hope he's taking me somewhere quiet tonight..."

After adjusting her dress and belt she reached down and checked her dagger was still secured on her leg and brushed herself down again.

"... least stains aren't a problem, it's the right colour after all. Just don't want to get a rip in it first time out."

A knock at the door gained her attention, he'd arrived. She made a quick check of her fangs with the end of her finger, inspecting the tiny drop of blood on the tip before licking it clean again.

"Sharp as ever. Hope he appreciates the effort. Not like he's going to have long to admire it though. Shame, but tough - I'm hungry and that's all there is to it."

Opening the door with a faint smile, she welcomed her guest in before they set out for the night.
He was wearing a finely tailored outfit himself, and she could see he had made the effort to impress.

"Oh my, this is going to be a wonderful night..."

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