While awaiting voice overs for my other companion mod currently being developed I decided to use this spare time to create yet another companion. This mod brings to you a Hero of Old. Inspired by the meeting of two playable Elder Scrolls characters which is a first I decided to bring another. The Nerevarine who according to lore; disappeared during the Oblivion Crisis and rumored to have journeyed to Akavir.

This mod allows the Dragonborn to travel with a recently returned Nerevarine. (I know the Nerevarine's gender and race is up to the player, I like to think the Nerevarine's race is canon to whichever province the game is set in. Though the Dunmer are my favourite race and I did play as one back in those days)

This mod can be found here:

- Developed personality/unique dialogue; fully voiced. And will have hundreds of references to TES III: Morrowind and adventures which players may remember...
- Has own unique weapon and ring
- Lore Friendly; references to player's customisation/name etc included to fill this void gap
- Recall Spell in case you both get seperated
- Familiar (unique to Skyrim) books and pamphlets

The Nerevarine is powerful, though not overpowering. Still, I've tried to make it as balanced as possible. He has numerous perks which range from all areas of combat and skills though not 100% overpowering/full (e.g. Bladesman 3/5).

Planned Features:
- Idle chatter and dialogue aren't that developed at this stage. Be in mind my other mod: Arweden takes priority. ( also check out my other videos for more details on Arweden)

- Quests aren't really planned so far. Will develop dialogue more before I'll even consider it though I may be ambitious enough to allow the player to return to a destroyed Vvardenfell. We'll see.

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