That's what it seemed like anyway, the world just crawled to a halt in that moment, and everything was clear.

With the burning flames around them most people would have given up and admitted defeat, but this battle had been coming for a long time and there was no point in submitting now.
The Dragonborn had help, but the task was his. To destroy this monster and set the world free of his evil.

This Dragon was the enemy. Not just his, but everyone's. Alduin - the enemy that must not succeed.

"Aus ol zu du hin Sil, Dovahkiin."
(Suffer as I devour your Soul, Dragonborn.)

Vincento narrowed his eyes and pressed on, determined to bring home his attack amidst the searing heat, bringing his blade up for the stroke he unleashed his Thu'um at the beast in front and charged.

"I shall deny you victory this day Alduin!"

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