The Bosmer had made good on his word, and Vincento had regained his armour and weapons for the task ahead.

He'd taken his work to heart and progressed slowly, sneaking his way to this point, but what he saw in the room below had enraged him. The hooded Elve in his sights had been torturing a man, held fast by chains to the wall of his cell. He'd been beaten, cut and most likely magically attacked as well.

It was disgusting, and so he struck out. Diving from the upper level down on top of the robed opponent, slipping on the mask he had brought with him as he fell. Then he proceeded to strike at the heartless being with his blade., giving no chance of them warning or alerting others to the attack.

An arc of lightening shot past him, leaving a faint buzz in the air, he growled under his metal facade and lunged forward, pressing his blade into the side of the Altmer. His hand covering his mouth to stifle the yell. Vincento pushed the Elves head back and drew the sword from his body before forcing it across his throat in a final, fatal stroke.

The dull thud of the body falling to the floor brought him to his senses, and when he caught sight of what he had done, he was glad of the mask. This had not been him.
The fury he had unleashed on the Elve was brutal, something else had driven his actions during that moment.

He had let his rage overcome him, but he wasn't ashamed or worried by this. It had worked in his favour, the overpowering strength it had provided being all that he had needed to defeat the Elven mage that lay behind him.

"This is something I need to control."

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