"I swear to Talos I seen a massive Skeever in the cellar.... it was horrible!"

Vincento looked at the woman in front of him, standing on a chair. Then he smiled.

"To think you used to come and attack everything in sight that looked at us the wrong way. You've faced Stormcloaks, Draugr, spiders, Potema, two Dragonpriests and Gods knows how many Dragons at my side...


He sighed and looked his wife in the face, barely able to restrain himself from smirking.

"Now you're scared of one Skeever?"

She looked down at the man, her arms folded and a sudden unamused look on her face.

"You know I've always hated those things.... hey, stop laughing."

Vincento couldn't help it, he'd broke out in a fit of laughter.
His fearless Dragonslaying wife, scared by a walking fluffball with a tail - but then he decided that he better do something about it before she started poking him with the broom again...

"Heheh.... Alright, alright. I'll go deal with the evil rodent, you can go get Alyssa ready for dinner while I'm down there fighting off this monster."

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