Female Hairstyles with Physics
This mod adds 5 female hairstyles with HDT Physics (or 8 hairstyles without)
Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library
Adds over 200 books from earlier TES games into Skyrim and re-covers them in the style of Book Covers Skyrim. New books will be found on a broad range of Merchants and relevant Loot Lists.
HN66s Hands and Nails for CBBE UNP SeveNbase Vanilla
By this mod you can get a new, smooth & feminin, high-poly female-handmodel, fitted for CBBE-, UNP-, SeveNbase-, even Vanilla-body. (File B)

Further you can choose to get manicured & polished Nails, craftable & enchantable, for those new hands. (File A)

The nails can also be found in a strongbox.
Reshaped Ebony Helmet
Just a simple mesh edit I made out of desire to have a much cooler looking ebony helmet (in my opinion)
tumbajamba's mounts
This mod will add acouple of epic mounts into the game. This mod is actually a new
version of my outdated and not supported mod sabrecat mount:

TDN Equipable Horns
The mod contains 26 kinds of equipable horns and 2 variants of Argonian feathers for male and female characters.
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