BTRH Waifu
This mod is standalone and changes Serana, Lydia, Iona, Jordis, Rayya, Aranea, Brelyna, Camilla, Muiri. When you introduce this mod, other mods are not necessary.
**** If you install the mod using NMM, it gives option to install all at once or individually. ****
Realistic Boat Bobbing
Have you ever wondered why boats do not bob while in the water? But you never made them bob because you hate clipping? I HATE CLIPPING TOO :D
House for witches and druids - Mielikki
A gorgeous little hut for all you nature loving mages out there. Half mushroom, half stone house, this place has everything an alchemist/druid/good witch of the forest needs.

Custom storage, beautiful interiors and tons of planting soil. Lots of unique features scripted by the brilliant Nahkin!
Animated Enchantments Overhaul - OVERFLOWING MAGIC
Tired of boring enchantment effects ? this mod is for you. Adds animated effects to every weapon enchantment in the game
Teeth Plus
A high-resolution & hand-crafted texture for teeth, tongue and gum.
Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul Farmhouses
Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul Farmhouses Gives you lore friendly sharp textures with parallax effects and bug fixes. Well made Normal maps and parallax maps gives this mod a great deal of depth.
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