Magnetic Mara
New HD Mara Meshe & texture
PureVision ENB
PureVision ENB for Pure Weathers from Laast
clear and realistic lighting while keeping the fantasy feeling.
for ENBSeries version 0.254
Ethereal Clouds
Ethereal Clouds is a Beta retexture of the clouds of Skyrim. My aim was to make cloud textures that are neutral in appearance, so they will blend with any lighting mods, and add more visual interest than the default clouds.
Tsaesci Race - Snake-like race from Akavir
Adds the snake-like Tsaesci race from Akavir to your game.
Eye Customization Overhaul
Adds over 1,000 new eye combinations without adding any new textures, controllable by two new Sliders in the RaceMenu. Every eye color is now available in any combination of left and right eyes to every race.
Creepy zombies
Mummy ... skeleton ...
undead skyrim was too dry
this mod adds a zombie stinky to level list
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