Give Me Money For No Reason
Adds a well-dressed beggar named Beth who hangs around outside Whiterun
Forever Free
The “modding community” is just that: a community – people working together to build cool stuff. But recent events have raised the shadow of fear and uncertainty, and that uncertainty has threatened to drive a wedge between us. Forever Free seeks to help lift that shadow, and strengthen the ties that bind us all together.
SWS Main Menu Replacer
In honor of the SWS Policy for modding for $ and the rates at which the split is given to modders
A Closer Look - Simple Smooth Hotkey Zoom
A very simple, very SMOOTH, lightweight way to "look closer" at objects, people, etc. in the game using a configured hotkey. MCM menu for full control. Requires SKSE.
Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire
Retexture For Bread. 1K textures.
Body Slots MCM
It's a simple Mod that show the body slots you are using via MCM.
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