This mod retextures the blowing snow effects that are seen in the artic type areas of Skyrim. As an optional download I have also included snowflakes to replace the vanilla falling snow.

Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 size textures.
Savegame script scalpel - Disassembler - Diagnostic Tool - Papyrus Data Transfer
Everyday savegame diagnostic tool
Can remove unattached script instances
Can remove instances with no class definitions
Disassembler (can disassemble compiled functions right from the savegame)
Can terminate active functions WITHOUT removing script instances
Can change script variables
Transfer data from one save
Gameplay Performance ENB
Color me impressed. Over the years I tried every ENB claiming to be performance on my mediocre computer and it always destroyed my fps. Performance? yeah right. Ive since long gave up on enb. I gave your enb a spin. 190mods. No difference in my usual 45-60 fps and the lightning doesnt look like Ive been trippin. -mamelukturbo
ASIS Improved INI Files
These INI files massively expand the scope and impact of the SkyProc patcher ASIS, adding support for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Skyrim Monster Mod, Falskaar, Apocalypse Spells, and more!
The Real Warmaiden
For a weapons and armor shop, the Warmaidens allways looked to, well, open for me. I changed that!
House for witches and druids - Ayfertehuis
A gorgeous little hut for all you nature loving mages out there. Half mushroom, half stone house, this place has everything an alchemist/druid/good witch of the forest needs.

Custom storage, beautiful interiors and tons of planting soil.
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