PREY (2017)
PREY for Death Hardcore mod for Prey
Hardcore mod for Prey (2017) by Arkane studios. Think Nightmare mode is too easy? Typhon are a pushover?? Well try this series of plugins to create the HARDEST most DIFFICULT experience Prey can provide. Will Yu Survive??
PREY Immersion Mod
Allows you to disable various distracting elements from the game and HUD.
PREY Better Scopes Mod
Removes the light, blur and distortion from the zoom in scopes.
PREY Super Easy Hacking
This mod removes all of the obstacles from the hacking levels making them dead easy to complete.
Recycle More Mod
Increases yield of furniture and bodies when using recycler grenades.
PREY Super Hard -I- Super Easy Difficulty Settings
Alters the settings of Easy to be VERY easy for those who have trouble with the game. Also alters Nightmare settings to ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE where all damage dealt and received is doubled (instead of damage dealt reduced you now hit as hard as you receive)

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