• 25 March 2008

    Terms of service update

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The terms of service for the forums and site have been updated. You are encouraged to read-through the new terms of service and understand that you agree with them through your use of this site and the forums.
  • 18 March 2008


    posted by buddah Site News
    TesNexus is based on the free exchange of ideas and materials in support of "The Elderscrolls Community", and as a rule does not censor any uploaded images or materials. The basic premise is this; If we were to remove a file because any individual or group of individuals find something offensive, the site would eventually have no files available for download, as someone will always take offense to whatever is offered.

    With the above being stated there will be exceptions, the most inportant is violating the Terms of Service for the site.

    The Admin, Staff and Moderators will take whatever immediate action as they deem necessary at the time to preclude a situation becoming disruptive to the operations of the site. This will in most cases result in the file page in question immediately being set hidden from public viewing, to allow the staff to make a determination as to the corrective action that needs to be taken. The owner, admin, staff and moderators reserve the right to remove any comment, image, file or member that we deem necessary to ensure the smooth and stable operations of the site.

    These actions are not open for debate and as you may feel you have a right to freedom of speech TesNexus is not required to provide you with an open platform for your oration.

    If you find something that you feel is offensive, please do not respond, retaliate or fan the flames use the "Report" button so appropriate action can be taken.

  • 12 March 2008

    Top Images

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    For those budding image takers and viewers on the site who make use of the Image Share section I have coded a Top 25 Images page. The page makes use of the same True Bayesian formula used to calculate the Top 100 Files.

    There are three seperate top pages for the image share database; top 25 non-adult images (default), top 25 adult and non-adult images and top 10 adult images. Hopefully this should cater to everyone. The default link to the top image listing in the site navigation is safe for work.
  • 12 March 2008

    Article database launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This morning (00:39 ... weee!) I have launched the Articles database on TESNexus. The roots of this feature can be traced back to TESSource which made use of a limited tutorial system. Like all the features of TESSource, this feature has been remodeled, enhanced, and rereleased better than before.

    The article database is a bridge between the TESNexus site and the The Nexus Forums. Many people don't know about the forums or are reluctant to use the forums for one reason or another (I blame the local inhabitants). Many people also don't know that by registering on the site and rating and commenting on files and images they are indirectly registering and posting on the forums. The site and the forums are symbiotically linked; one will not survive without the other. The article database is a mini-forum of sorts; users "post" articles of interest into specific categories for others to view and comment on. It could be to provide a modding tutorial, discuss developments in the community, blog (aka rant) about something or share interesting YouTube videos with others. I myself have an Oblivion short video in the works that will be done ... when it's done ... and I'll no doubt post it up to the site as soon as it is done.

    The tutorials available on TESSource are already within the article database and available for viewing. Some of them may be a bit dated but we're working on getting them up to scratch.

    If you're not a forum regular or don't like joining in on forums you might find the article database more to your liking. Don't be afraid to post an article and comment on others. I like it when people use the features I code on the site. So do it!
  • 09 March 2008

    A reminder on NSFW files and images

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It has been two months now since the "adult only" tag was added to files and images on the site. The idea was to prevent children, people who do not want to see adult content or users at work from stumbling on to a page or image that contained what would be considered "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) content.

    Uploaders are required to set the "Adult only" content at their own disgression and should take the stance of a person who works in an office with people looking over his or her shoulder; what would you want your co-workers to see you looking at? It's bad enough you're looking at Oblivion and Morrowind files and images at work, but Oblivion and Morrowind charaters with their breasts hanging out or with decapitations galore going on? I think that's worse!

    So please take this as a friendly reminder that setting adult content (nudity ... including BUMS, very excessive gore, etc.) is a requirement on this site. Almost everybody has been brilliant at doing this and I like to think the people that aren't are simply unaware of the change. I've already sent out PMs to those people who haven't worked it out yet. It'll save LHammonds, Buddah and myself some time and keep the site running spick and span.

  • 03 March 2008

    New poll. Poll results for "How would you describe your gaming habits?"

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Bye bye old poll, hello new poll! Here are the results from the last poll that asked "How would you describe your gaming habits?":

    • Hardcore gamer; I play more than 4 hours a day, every day - 5886 votes - 52%
    • Casual gamer; I play when I have free time, and when I can be bothered - 3694 votes - 32%
    • Elder Scrolls gamer; I only really like Elder Scrolls games, or games similar to them - 951 votes - 8%
    • Modding gamer; I prefer modding to gaming - 728 votes - 6%

    Total votes: 11259

    The new poll is inspired by my recent MMO gaming and asks "Are your Morrowind/Oblivion characters the same gender as you?". 'Fess up people!
  • 02 March 2008

    Feb 2008 - Files of the month winners

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The results from the Files of the month feature on the site, where each unique member is given a single vote for the file of their choice, are now in. 850 members voted in this first month since it was reintroduced to the site and without further procrastination here are the files that you voted to be recognised last month:

    Apachii Goddess Store -- 62 votes
    Nightshade Armor -- 30 votes
    Corean Mod -- 29 votes
    Glenvar Castle -- 27 votes
    Companion Share and Recruit -- 23 votes

    Congratulations to the files that made it. Remember that all the votes have now been reset and you can now vote again for your choice for file of the month.
  • 12 February 2008

    Security changes, limits on downloads per file and other tidbits

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The past few days have been a bit of a fixer session for me on the site. Here's a quick run-down of the fixes that didn't make the news until now because they were a little small:

    • Ordering files by rating will now recognise files with a rating of 10, and order them by their total ratings too, so files with the same rating will be ordered by the number of ratings they have
    • Morrowind mods are now properly recognised on the Updates Recently log
    • A fix was applied to stop duplicate entries for the same file appearing on the Updates Today page
    • A fix was applied to the "Give editing access to other members" feature on the "Edit File" page that allows you to give editing access to a single other member on the site
    • There is now a new section under your uploaded files for files that you have editing access to, as governed by the "Give editing access to other members" feature on specific files

    If you find a bug on this site or you believe a feature is not working as intended please use the feedback forum to make it known. I cannot fix a problem if I do not know about it!

    Buddah brought my attention to another problem on the site that requires a mention. There are a few files on this site that have come victim to the nasty site bots from Russia and China. These are nasty bitches that deliberate autonomously spam the site in order to leech its bandwidth in an attempt to bring the site down. You can recognise such files by checking the total downloads counter against the total views counter; if the downloads are greatly higher than the views then a bot has been trying to get its way with the site via this file.

    This is not the uploaders fault and steps are being taken to identify the files that have unrealistic download counters and to try and provide a more accurate reading.

    In response to this issue I have tightened security on the site and added a few flood control features to the downloading code. A limit of 50 downloads has been placed on files so that members and guests can only download a single file a maximum of 50 times before they are blocked from downloading. Similarly members logged as hitting this limit are automatically moved to a seperate member group, "Suspects", so I can further monitor their activity.

    Around 10:30pm GMT security checks on the login cookies were placed on all pages of the site, consolidating the site security. Some members might have been a bit scared when redirected to a "You've been banned" page. I apologise for this, the blurb was misleading and has since been changed.

    These changes should help further the accuracy of stats, the prevention of bandwidth leeches and aggressive bots, and the security of the site.
  • 07 February 2008

    Premium member only server now online

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Following on from the email sent out to Premium members last week in regards to purchasing a premium member only server (i.e. a file server that only premium members can use) the new server has been setup and is available from the server selection window when you go to download files.

    In the end I decided to settle on purchasing a server from London, UK. I did this for a couple of reasons. Firstly the price:quality ratio of the server is the best of the three providers I use. To do a bit of pumping I use RapidSwitch in the UK, and The Planet and FDC Servers in the US. Similarly RapidSwitch have brilliant connections to both Europe and the US and provide an unparalled amount of bandwidth out of the established providers. My US servers can download files from RapidSwitch at 5mb/second, which is awesome.

    Some of you might be interested to know that around 40% of the premium members come from Europe. I was expecting more US users, so while it's true there are more American premium members the figures I received from all your feedback surprised me and spurred me to purchase another UK server. If you're a US member give the new server a go and let me know the results, you might be surprised!

    Thank you to the members who replied to my email and provided me with that valuable feedback. I hope you put the new file server to good use. And for those of you who have no idea what this whole "Premium Member" thing is, please take the time to take a gander.
  • 04 February 2008

    Morroblivion and mods that use content from other games

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Sadly today I have been requested by Bethesda Softworks to pull the mod "Morroblivion" from the site as it breaches the EULA for Oblivion. Matt Grandstaff explained the situation:

    Essentially, we let folks mod our games like Morrowind or Oblivion, but we don’t allow for folks to take content from another game and put it into a new game – even if they own both copies, and even if it's one of our own games.

    The situation is unfortunate, as Morroblivion was a great tool I'm sure made with the best of intentions, but the rights to this content belong to Bethesda Softworks and they are perfectly within their rights to make such requests. While I'm pretty liberal when it comes to the content allowed on the site (nudity, violence, etc. etc.) when it comes to copyrights and content ownership I have to draw the line.

    Hopefully you can all appreciate the situation. If you believe a file you're looking at is in breach of copyright or takes content from Morrowind, or any other game, please use the "Report this file" feature to inform the staff on the site so it does not potentially affect myself and the site itself.

    Thank you.

    Before locking a topic on the official forums about Morroblivion, moderator Dogsbody has provided further clarification on the matter:

    There are many reasons why this is so; among others, it is important to protect the original licensor's rights when Bethsoft has licensed a resource to use in a game. That license may allow use of the resource in that game alone, and Bethsoft is duty-bound to prevent the resource from being used in any other game, including their own.

    It is evident many users are upset by the decision and many of us, myself included, were wondering why exactly this had to be done. Hopefully this helps patch things up. I stand by the comment that providing this information from the offset, rather than it being weeded out of different people gradually, can only bring good things. Communication communication communication.