• 24 April 2010

    New EU file server now available

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    There is now a new 100mbit file server available to all members located in Maidenhead, England. Obviously this server will benefit the European visitors of the Nexus sites and I will be closely monitoring the bandwidth throughout the day to insure the server isn't being saturated.

    The file servers are being reshuffled and this is the last month that the two Washington file servers in the US will be operational. Both the Dallas and Seattle servers have been upgraded to Gigabit lines and while the site does use a lot of bandwidth (350mbit/sec at the moment) the dual Gigabit lines in the US along with 100mbit line in the EU (with the chance for another EU server should the need arise) should provide the Nexus sites with ample bandwidth for the foreseeable future.
  • 23 April 2010

    Changes to the "Updates today" page

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I have made both aesthetic and functional changes to the "Updates today" page on all Nexus sites this evening.

    Aesthetically each row of content has been given a slightly different background colour so you can more easily line up the content (such as the edits made and time the edit was made) for each file name.

    A new function has been added above the usual "Edited files" block that allows you to filter the list of edited files based on the edits made. This is handy as you can now simply list files that have had new uploads added to them, great for keeping up-to-date with files with new uploads today. The same can be said for images, mirrors, videos and attribute changes. If you are logged in to the site as a member you can choose to save your filtering preferences so when you return to the site it will remember them. This will change your preferences on all the Nexus sites.

    Bug reports to the usual place!
  • 15 April 2010

    Aesthetic changes to file pages

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The file database on all Nexus sites has been updated with a new aethsetic look and rearranging in both categories and file entries. The image gallery now works in a similar way to the "Hot files" box, showing images that the owner of the file has uploaded (and not images by other users).
  • 09 April 2010

    GameStop added as affiliate

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    GameStop has now been added to the list of affiliates available to purchase from in our affiliate store. GameStop are one of the largest video game retailers in the US so if you're planning to buy any games in the near future, or pre-order Fallout: New Vegas, for example, then you might like to do it through them.

    A big thank you to the people who have been using the affiliate links to buy items online and a reminder, as I get asked this a lot, that you don't need to just use the links for buying games and hardware. If you're buying books for school or leisure, or clothing, it doesn't matter, the Nexus sites will still get a small commission on everything you buy from affiliates.
  • 01 April 2010

    Front page changes

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The front page on all three Nexus sites has been updated and completely reworked to better suit file sites such as these. The site news has been moved below the new content blocks and the webmaster's blog will be relocated in due course.

    For those wondering how hot files are chosen; the top 5 files are picked once per day from the top 25 recently endorsed files of the past 21 days. Adult only files are not included in the mix and (obviously) only files with images are accepted. If you're a file author uploading new files to the site then insure your files have a good image set as their primary image as that is what will be shown in the "hot files" section should your file be eligible.

    The front page makes use of jQuery to provide a liquid experience that takes up the entire screen for all users. People with resolutions below 1200 in width will have sup-par experience anywhere on Nexus sites as it is. Users with resolutions above 1600 in width will gain an extra content box "Site stats" to fill the gap.

    You can expect to see more aesthetic updates to the site over the coming months. Happy modding.
  • 29 March 2010

    Affiliate store launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A little over a week ago I asked people on the site where they bought their video games and hardware from online. The aim was to create an affiliate store of the most popular gaming and hardware outlets in the States and Europe for people to buy products from via the Nexus sites.

    The point of this is very simple; buying products from the selected affiliates on the site provides the Nexus sites with a small but valuable commision on all the goods you buy. Do you buy your games from Amazon? Great! Instead of visiting Amazon.com directly simply go to our affiliate store page and use the Amazon button provided instead. Anything you buy from Amazon after that, for that session (i.e. for the remainder of the time you have your browser open), will provide us with a commission. You don't get charged anything extra, absolutely nothing is different other than that one small step. It's very simple and it can provide the Nexus sites with needed funds to keep the sites running, buy new hardware, pay the bandwidth bills and all that jazz.

    Our current list of affiliates include:

    Amazon (.com and .co.uk)
    TigerDirect (.com and .ca)
    The EA Store

    Some affiliates decided not to work with us, including Target and Game Stop, which was unfortunate but I'll keep pressuring them to work with us as there are some nice game launches and new hardware ranges on the horizon.

    While I understand that there are many visitors to this site from non-English speaking countries I found it impossible to sign up for the major French, German and other European retailer's affiliate programs as I am a plain old boring English-only reader. Sorry about that.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and thank you to all the people who replied to the earlier news posting asking for feedback.
  • 29 March 2010

    Vote for Bethesda at The Escapist

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Each year The Escapist (best known for their weekly "Zero Punctuation" column) run a people's choice competition of the biggest game developers in the world. Members of the site vote for their favourite developers in "rounds" against other developers and in the latest round Bethesda have come up against Valve, creators of all those games you love to hate (and I guess enjoy).

    If you'd like to help Bethesda out in a match-up they're clearly underdogs for then head on over to the voting page and give Bethesda your support. They're going to need it against those raving (noob) TF2 fans.
  • 24 March 2010

    Most endorsed recently added files

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    There is now a new Top 25 page available on all Nexus sites in the top lists that displays the most endorsed files that have been recently added to the site. You can filter the results from between 1 day and 60 days since the addition of the file.

    You can use this tool to check out the up-and-coming new files on the site and it can be found under Top 100 -> Most endorsed recently added files.
  • 19 March 2010

    Where do you buy your games and hardware?

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Many major online retailers have an affiliate system linked to them by which they offer small percentage based commissions to sites that refers paying customers to them. Take for example a site like Amazon. If you click a link on someone's website to Amazon and then proceed to buy something off the site the referring website will be given a small percentage of the total sale in commission. You don't pay extra. You don't do anything differently. You don't even know you've done it. But a commission is paid to the referring site.

    This is something I would like to explore further on Nexus sites as it's currently an untapped revenue source that, if used by the member-base of the site, could bolster funding for the sites and allow me to continue to improve on the services here. As it is the current server bill alone costs $4,200/month.

    Top of my list right now is to get one or more file servers based in Europe for the EU users of the Nexus sites. However EU bandwidth is more expensive than US bandwidth and requires more funds hence why I'm looking for more non-intrusive revenue streams for the sites.

    So this is a call out to all the users of Nexus sites who buy their games and hardware online asking "where do you buy your computer stuff from?". In the UK we have GAME, GamesStation and Play.com for video games and Dabs, Novatech, EBuyer and Overclockers for hardware as well as typical online platforms like Steam. In the US I know newegg.com is a major hardware player, but where do you buy your games and hardware online? How about Canadians and Europeans outside of the UK? Where do you get your online purchases from?

    With Fallout New Vegas around the corner, for example, it would be great if those people who were going to buy the game online and at applicable retailers could do it through Fallout 3 Nexus and thus help out the sites. It's all very simple and could really help me out.

    More to follow as I receive feedback from the community. Thank you.
  • 19 March 2010

    Tracking centre changes

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The tracking centre on all Nexus sites has been updated with new functionality and some fixes. Here's the change log:

    • Added a new filter option to set a time range for results
    • Fixed an issue with results not being ordered by date when filters were set
    • Removed the ability to order results by file name as this functionality is practically provided by the individual feeds anyway
    • Fixed an issue with text overlapping on small resolutions

    Please give the new tracking centre a spin. See what you think and let me know if you come across any problems.