• 25 August 2011

    Day 2 - Nexus redesign

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    So here we are, almost at the end of day 2 since the Nexus site redesign launch. I've been spending most of my time on bug fixes and tweaks based on the feedback you've all been giving me. Thank you for, in the most part, remaining calm and constructive during this period.

    I'm just going to go through a few of the major and minor things that keep coming up in the feedback and run you through of the changes already made, and a few upcoming changes.

    First of all my apologies to the IE8 users who experienced issues with the sites, especially with comments missing. I've been using a piece of software called "IETester" to test the functionality on IE8 as you cannot have IE8 and IE9 installed on your system at the same time. The sites worked fine in IETester during the testing stage but I was able to troubleshoot the issue on an old laptop and things should now be better for you. Once again a good reason to actually pay attention to the site news and help during open beta test stages rather than just ignore it.

    Next the fixed width isn't going to change no matter what is said. However, a few people have brought up some nice ideas in the mod authors forums for some pages to be rearranged so they can use the full width of the central content area by pushing the content on the right in to the centre. It's something I'm going to explore tomorrow.

    There seem to be sporadic reports of people not being able to download files because the modal pop-up box isn't showing for them. I don't know if this is IE8 specific but I cannot reproduce this. However, I'm hoping to update the download links slightly so you can middle-click (to open a new tab) a link and it'll just open a completely new page. I know some people like to "queue up" their downloads like this and the current system is preventing them from doing it. So hopefully a "kill two birds with one stone" tweak, that one.

    Some of you will have noticed the file tracking centre has been changed. This is a temporary stop-gap until we move over to Axel's code that's going to be much better than this, and similar to before, but better. It was a "time allows" thing...I didn't have the time to port it over and knowing Axel would be updating it anyway made my decision easier. Just hang in there on that one.

    There are a few features missing that were in the original site but aren't currently in this new design; seeing who has endorsed your files/images and premium notifications spring to mind. These will be coming back in the coming days or weeks. Negative endorsements are gone, as per the blogs and discussions that were had with mod authors up to the launch.

    I've just put up the first "skins" for the space either side of the content area. These are skins made by me and spruce things up a little. At least now you can't complain you don't know what games each Nexus site supports. The plan here is to allow members to upload their skins for approval in to a "skin pool". You'll then be able to choose from a long list of skins for the site you're using through your preferences, or choose to have no skin at all. Similarly mod authors will be able to make their own skins for their mod pages or choose a skin from the pool that others will see for their mod pages.

    A few minor tweaks and fixes have been added; thumbnail images will no longer stretch to fit a specific size in most areas of the site now, the "File temporarily available" issue has been fixed on newly uploaded files, comment threads will now be properly created when adding new files and small downloads will now work through the modal pop-up like the large file downloads rather than redirect you to a totally different page.

    As mentioned in my last announcement this is just the beginning of many, many improvements to come. The foundation. Some people are acting like I've turned the light off and walked away for some reason. If you keep the constructive feedback coming I'll continue to improve things where I can. You'll get some things, you won't get others, but if you're going to throw all your toys out the pram because you're not getting it all your own way pleeeeease can you do it away from me? Thaaaaanks!

    Finally a quick note on your bug reports: I'm sorry if you're experiencing bugs but for the love of all that is holy will you please tell me what browser you are using when you report a bug? I can't help you without this very simple piece of information!

    I'll continue to update the news with more information as we go along.
  • 23 August 2011

    New redesign implemented

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    If you're reading this then you're looking at the new Nexus site design. If this is a surprise to you then sorry! I've been keeping people informed through the site news and blog posts over the past few months so try and check in every now and again and see what new stuff is getting added to the sites.

    This new design is the combination of many months of hard work between myself and a professional web designer trying to get things, to start with, how I wanted it and then following some constructive feedback from the community, tweaked more towards how you want it.

    Before you huff, and you puff, and you blow my house down please know that this is just the start: a starting place from which myself and others can work from. A necessary first step. Over the course of the coming days, weeks, months (and dare I say it, years) the design is going to be tweaked, fixed, updated, expanded and improved so this isn't the end, it's just the start.

    You see, the sites are growing. A new format for the sites was needed so that someone much better than myself at coding could come in and provide you with some great new features and services. When I first launched TESNexus my scope and vision only extended so far, now, the old design has been presenting a major stumbling block to my current and future plans. Think of it as building extensions on a house; there's only so many extensions you can put on to a house and only so far the original foundations run before you become strapped for room to expand and improve. Once you run in to this snag it's much simpler to start from scratch and rebuild things bigger, better and stronger for the future.

    There's lots of work still to go and I've no doubt that some of you are running in to a few issues which I'd really like to hear about (so I can fix them!), so get in contact if you're experiencing problems. I've tried my hardest to make the new design compatible with all the major browsers out there. A note on this: IE7 is not supported (please update your 5 year old web browser!) and the sites will not display correctly in IE9 compatibility mode (as it shows sites how IE7 would display them). If you have IE9 and the site isn't looking right for you then turn off compatibility mode for the Nexus sites.

    Some bugs from the old design have been fixed and a few small features added in this version of the redesign. Here's the changelog:

    • Members with editing access to files now get borders on their comments like the file uploader
    • You can now rep a post if you've neg-repped it, or neg-rep a post if you've repped it (originally once you'd given reputation you couldn't change your mind)
    • The time limit for having your images displayed in the "Hot files" on the site index has been reduced from 21 days to 7 days (except on The Witcher Nexus, which has a limit of 28 days) to provide a greater variety and change to the files from day-to-day
    • Changed the timer for rating files from 3 hours to 1 hour and changed it so it checks the time against your first download, not your last download of the file
    • Negative endorsements have been removed
    • A link to the change log for files will only show if the author has provided a change log

    I understand if you're not a massive fan of the new design. The Nexus sites kept their design for 4 years and change is never easy. But give it some time, and look forward to the future. Because I am, and with good reason. Happy 10th Birthday, Nexus. Just be glad I didn't give you a hat...
  • 18 August 2011

    Nexus redesign finalised, launching next week

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A few weeks back I posted a heads-up regarding my plans to launch a redesigned look to the Nexus Sites by the end of August. The feedback to the redesign was mostly good and some of the constructive criticism provided has either already been incorporated in to the final design or has been noted, perhaps for addition later on down the line.

    Listed below are test examples for each of the Nexus Sites. These are very close to final now and I'm not going to be making any major changes before the change over.

    Dragon Age Nexus
    Fallout 3 Nexus
    New Vegas Nexus
    Witcher Nexus

    A few things:
    • Some thumbnail images will be broken in the test sites, they won't be broken after release.
    • You might get a cookie error page if you're logged in to a Nexus site and trying to look at the test site for that Nexus site. To fix this just log out of the Nexus site you're using.
    • Don't try to upload any images for your files through the test sites.
    • These sites are not IE7 compatible; we dabbled with the idea but making them IE7 was too much work for the 1.5% of people who still use IE7 and visit this site. It would have also limited some of the things we've done in the design. Seriously, consider upgrading your 5 year old browser!!

    I will be doing the change-over early next week and there will be some short down-time while I get the designs rolled out. Hopefully no longer than an hour or so for each site. Having said that I'm still taking on feedback, especially bug-reports (please remember to tell me what browser and version you're using!) so feel free to leave any comments.

    After the release Axel is very close to finalising his rework of all the code for the sites. This is very, very exciting news because he's a genius and he's already made lots of awesome stuff, and there's lots more to come. Mod authors, you're going to love him. I'll post up more information about this via my blog posts and in the news closer to the time.
  • 17 August 2011

    Skyrim confirmed to use Steamworks

    posted by Galahaut Game News
    Bethesda today confirmed that Skyrim will use Steamworks. Given the use of Steamworks for Fallout: New Vegas and Brink its use in Skyrim isn't very surprising. Note that the game is still a "Games for Windows" title, but will not use Games for Windows Live.
  • 16 August 2011

    The Nexus 10 year anniversary

    posted by Dark0ne
    This week in August marks the 10 year anniversary of the Nexus sites. I launched Morrowind Chronicles at the age of 15 back in August of 2001. What started as a general purpose news and information site for Morrowind has now spread in to a multi-site network of mod databases that are some of the largest modding sites in the world. I feel a great sense of achievement and pride for this great community which is a testament to some great games and some great modders. And what's best, I feel like I've only just started.

    Looking back it's very easy to fall in to a nostalgic day dream of all the people that have come and gone over the years; some are still with us and lots have moved on in the constant ebb-and-flow of this community. Looking far, far, back I remember fondly my time working with the doomed MEMod team. Some of the best banter I've ever had. Feel free to share some of your experiences in this community.

    To the Nexus *raises glass*.

    Network chronology
    • Morrowind Chronicles (Aug 2001 - Jul 2003)
    • The Middle-Earth Mod for Morrowind (Nov 2001 - Sep 2004)
    • Morrowind Mod Library (Oct 2002 - Jul 2003)
    • Morrowind Mod Hosting (Jan 2003 - Jul 2003)
    • Morrowind Source (Jul 2003 - Jan 2005)
    • The Elder Scrolls Source (Jan 2005 - Sep 2007)
    • The Mod Site Creator (Sep 2005 - Feb 2007)
    • The Elder Scrolls Nexus (Sep 2007 - Present)
    • Fallout 3 Nexus (Oct 2008 - Present)
    • Dragon Age Nexus (Nov 2009 - Present)
    • New Vegas Nexus (Oct 2010 - Present)
    • The Witcher Nexus (May 2011 - Present)
  • 13 August 2011

    Bethesda Forums hacked... again

    For those of you who haven't been on the official forums for a bit, you may want to do so. While the passwords have all been deleted so that no one can access your account, it'd be best to just reset it and get it over with. If you have an account, that is.

    On the login page, you'll see this message:


    Please Read! August 12, 2011

    We have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12. We have reset your forum password as a precaution, in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised.

    When you next try to login to the forums, your old password will not work. Click the I've forgotten my password link above, underneath the login boxes, and follow the steps to setup a new password for your account.

    We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites. Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well.

    You will also receive an email with this information, sent to the email address you registered with on the forums.

    In the Bethesda Softworks "Community Discussion" forum thread, GStaff announced it earlier today:


    We have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12. We have reset your forum password as a precaution, in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised.

    When you next try to login to the forums, your old password will not work. Click the I've forgotten my password link above, underneath the login boxes, and follow the steps to setup a new password for your account.

    We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites. Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well.

    You will also receive an email with this information, sent to the email address you registered with on the forums.

    It's nothing too serious, as they were on the ball and deleted everyone's password to be safe.
  • 11 August 2011

    Slew of Quakecon hands-on previews

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    The Bethblog has a list of links to a number of websites that have posted previews of Skyrim based on a one hour playthrough.

    The games were played on the Xbox so commentary about the PC interface or controls will not be included.

    Some examples of the remarks include:

    But it’s not just the animals you need to be weary of, and I mentioned earlier I’d encountered a few bandits, but what I wasn’t ready for was the level of sophistication the baddies have apparently been granted here. Certainly fighting a rogue bandit on a road is something of a staple for the series, but walking under a makeshift bridge with a hostile gentleman above, clearly annoyed I was on his turf, and thus dropping pre-set boulders on me, is not. This was then followed by an ambush of his cohorts, ready for anyone the boulders didn’t crush, and while I did make quick work of them, it was an exhilarating encounter nonetheless

    There are bandits to eavesdrop on and sneak around – the Khajiit are especially good sneakers, so I huddle in shadow and draw a longbow on the nattering bad guys from a few feet away. Later there are the skeletal draguar, who employ magic as well as swords and axes, and there's a mini boss fight with a giant spider.

    There are door switches rigged to banks of arrows that need to be disarmed by observing your surroundings and rotating totems like tumblers in a lock, and there are pressure plates and levers that activate spike doors and swinging blades, which are great for making short work of draguar as their numbers increase.

    There are many more so head on over to the blog post to read them all. Skyrim will be released in exactly 3 months as of this posting, 11 August 2011 (UTC+10/Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  • 10 August 2011

    Skyrim Dunmer screenshot

    posted by yoba333 Game News
    Last week, Bethesda ran a poll to see which race/player type their fans would like to see most. Apparently, the Dunmer thief won in a landslide vote, prompting Bethesda to release the following screenshot on their blog.

    For the Argonian fans out there (such as myself), Bethesda promised that our day will soon come.
  • 08 August 2011

    Skyrim Collector's Edition details

    posted by yoba333 Game News
    Details about the Skyrim Collector’s Edition were announced at QuakeCon a few days ago.
    The Collector’s Edition will set you back $149.99 (US), €149.99 (Europe), £129.99 (UK), or A$199.99 (Australia). It is available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

    The Collector’s Edition will contain the game, a cloth map of the world (which anyone who pre-orders the game will get), “The Making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” DVD, “The Art of Skyrim” book,and a 12 inch statue of Alduin (the World Eater dragon).
    The statue of Alduin is 12 inches tall and made of high-quality PVC material. According to press release notes, the dragon is modeled after the game’s 3D files, and is perched on top of one of Skyrim’s “dragon walls” (the walls that teach the player the language of the dragons).
    The “Making of” DVD that goes behind the scenes of Skyrim’s development and includes interviews with the Bethesda Game Studios team that tell you about all the steps involved in creating Skyrim as well as give insight on the gameplay, story, and history of the Elder Scrolls franchise.
    The official art book of Skyrim is over 200 pages long and includes full-color illustrations, models, and sketches. With a foreword written by Todd Howard himself, as well as commentary by Bethesda artists, the book will be sure to guide you through all the art styles used in the game. “The Art of Skyrim” is 9 by 12 inches, perfect for your coffee table.
    The cloth map is available to anyone who pre-orders the game, not just the collector’s edition. It is reportedly made of high quality cloth material and has a copy of the ingame map on it.
    The Collector’s Edition is currently only available for pre-order through select retailers in North America, Europe, and Australia. Bethesda warns that quantities are “extremely limited”, so if you plan on purchasing the collector’s edition it would be better to do it sooner rather than later.

  • 07 August 2011

    Bethesda sues Notch over the use of the word "Scrolls"

    posted by yoba333
    A few days ago, the legal department of Bethesda Softworks (not to be confused with Bethesda Game Studios) served the creator of Minecraft, Notch, legal papers regarding the title of Notch’s upcoming game, “Scrolls”. The Bethesda legal department expressed concern that people will confuse Notch’s “Scrolls” game with “The Elder Scrolls” series.

    Notch posted this on his blog.
    Today, I got a 15 page letter from some Swedish lawyer firm, saying they demand us to stop using the name Scrolls, that they will sue us (and have already paid the fee to the Swedish court), and that they demand a pile of money up front before the legal process has even started.

    While many were speculating early on that this was a joke, as of now it does not appear to be. It looks like Bethesda will be going forward with the lawsuit.

    Neither Bethesda nor Zenimax has made any statements regarding the incident.

    Update: Here is the first page of the legal document (translated from Swedish).
    Trade Mark Infringement

    I write to you as a legal representative of the company ZeniMax Media Inc.

    My mandator is creating and publishing interactive entertainment for, among others, consoles, computers, and handheld/wireless units. The company has a long and successful history and is behind a large number of awarded games, among these the wordly renown game series THE ELDER SCROLLS. The trademark name THE ELDER SCROLLS is protected of, among others, different entertainmentwares and -services, where computer and consolegames are included. In EU is my mandator owner of the registered communion trademarks with the registered numbers 2840098 and 8283161.

    It has come to my mandator's knowledge that Mojang AB (Mojang) is using the signature SCROLLS in themarketing of a coming computer and/or consolegame. The signature SCROLLS shows serious visual, phonetic and conceptual similarities with my mandators trademark name THE ELDER SCROLLS. These similarities are strengthened by the fact that within the entertainment industry, the game industry included, it often occurs that goods and services with a common commercial origin are promoted through distinctive features that are constructed through a common trade mark element(?). As an example we can mention the company Nintendos worldfamous Mario-series with game titles like Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros, or the company Blizzards Warcraft-series with game titles like Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and World of Warcraft. Thus there is an obvious risk for the average consument to get the idea that good and/or services that are provided under the property name SCROLLS respective THE ELDER SCROLLS are from the same commercial origin or at least with companies with economical relations. In this context it is therefore our opinion that Mojangs use of the trademark name SCROLLS is... (the line continues on the next page that isn't shown in the photo)

    Thank you, amycus, for posting the document.