• 03 May 2011

    Gameswelt Interview with Todd Howard

    Recently, an interview at Gameswelt (I believe its German) with Todd Howard has him talking all about the Elder Scrolls. Todd says in the first twenty seconds that the feeling they were going for with Morrowind was that you were a stranger in a strange land. For Skyrim, he says that feels wrong. After Morrowind, they wanted to go back to a more “classic fantasy game” for Oblivion. He then goes on to explain how between Arena to Oblivion, Morrowind is the odd one out; the alien in the series. And, the reason that they love Morrowind so much is that the wonder of discovery is present throughout the whole game, and is delivered in ways you wouldn't expect. With Skyrim, they’re going for the “traditional” look at first glance, but then the alien things are present throughout the game. The Dwarven ruins are back in Skyrim, and the way that the Nordic cultures view things are different; similar to how the Houses in Morrowind viewed things.

    During the interview, Todd says that nothing will be as alien as things in Morrowind. Going on, he says with the new HD graphics, they can make things the way they want to look. The bigger cities still have walls, so you’ll have loading screens at those. After Fallout 3, they had a list of improvements going, and then says they got the list done, and more. Even traps have gone a long way in Skyrim; Todd says traps are a lot of fun to work with. Spatial puzzles will also come into play. Points of interest, as Todd says, are in the game, such as Necromancers around an altar. Well over a hundred points of interest are present, from his last count.

    The natural creatures, such as wolves or deer, roam and do things they’d do in real life. Giants will often be with mammoths, according to Todd, and in the future, he claims, they’ll show more creatures. Also, he goes on to say a lot of the Divines and Daedra will be making an appearance in Skyrim as well; a big part of the world is still around Oblivion. Regarding Oblivion, the land is about the same size. The ten races of Oblivion are in Skyrim, but they’re focusing on making those as different as possible, instead of adding more generic ones (See Orc picture for example). Since Skyrim is referred to as the original home of men, Nords don’t like elves much. The stealth system is upgraded quite a bit from Oblivion as well. As you are detected the eyeball gradually opens giving you time to hide, unlike Oblivion where you were instantly detected, which they want to avoid. Radiant AI is back as well, and animations made to add to the AI are present. If they’re a cook, then there’s an animation to make them cook. Jobs NPCs do you can do as well, such as mining, making armor or weapons, cooking, and working leather. For cooking, a menu will open that tells you the food you can use, and what you can cook it into. Raw food is used to be cooked into cooked food.

    He then goes on to talk about some other things, such as crafting. Magical crafting is enchanting and crafting for warriors is smithing. The most interesting items come out of your own making, according to Todd, and all experiences are trying to be made as diverse as possible. Dungeons can range from fifteen minute heists to epic two hour dungeon crawls. Alchemy hasn’t been explained to much, but it will be a lot different than that of Oblivion.
  • 26 April 2011

    New interview with Todd Howard

    posted by yoba333 Mod News
    A reporter for Machinima, Rob Smith, got a first look at Skyrim earler this week. He interviewed Todd Howard and got a few answers on what it means to be a Dragonborn, technology, the world, and more.

    The interview can be found here.
  • 23 April 2011

    Small amount of Skyrim footage leaked

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    One of the reporters who was invited to the BFG 2011 press event captured several seconds of Skyrim footage.

    It can be found here.

    A slowed down version has also been uploaded to Youtube.

    The footage shows the player approaching an alter in a frozen location. As he approaches the alter the lid of a tomb blows off (what emerges is probably a Draugh priest mentioned in the print previews).
  • 23 April 2011

    New demonstration relayed to players via gaming press

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    Bethesda Softworks held something called a BFG 2011 press event where they showed off a Skyrim demo to the gaming press. This resulted in a heap of previews being released by a number of gaming sites. A recording of the demo has not been released for viewing by the general public to make up their own minds.

    IGN gives a general overview of new and already known features.

    You'll still get to pick from one of 10 fantasy races, customize your physical appearance, and select a gender, but after that it's right into the game you go. The eight attribute categories from the previous Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, have been cut out. Now you only have to worry about your Magicka to cast spells, Health for your hit points, and Stamina, which serves as a limiting factor when pulling off axe slashes and mace bashes in combat.

    Gamespot goes into greater detail about the quest and magical combat.

    At this point, our character decided to forgo melee weapons altogether and rely solely on his magical abilities. In one hand, he equipped the circle of protection, which warded off the undead foes; in the other, he equipped chain lighting, which blasted foes to pieces. Between how they looked and operated, the magical abilities in Skyrim reminded us of the plasmids in the BioShock series. One of the ways our character could learn new spells was by collecting magical tomes, one of which just happened to be lying nearby. Once the Draugr were defeated, our character studied the tome and mastered the fireball spell, which he then paired up with a one-handed axe.

    Gamespot also declared the graphics to be stunning and cutting edge, although they also used the same terminology for Oblivion and Morrowind at the time they were released.

    Rock Paper Shotgun gives their preview as 20 bullet points.

    14. Modding is fully supported, in the form of the Creation Kit. “We’re really big into the mods on the PC. Hopefully day and date with the game, but there might be some slack there.” Bethesda have also been influenced by a few mods for earlier games – for instance, bows have been tweaked as a result of finding an Oblivion balance mod that did ‘em better.

    Kudos to whoever made that mod.

    The Escapist are impressed by the graphics.

    I took thirteen pages of notes during last week's two hour Skyim demo, but the two words I scribbled near the bottom of the first page probably sum it up better than anything else I wrote: holy s***. Yes, I wrote that in my notes. Bethesda's newest Elder Scrolls game is just that impressive. While that observation was originally prompted just by the game's breathtaking visuals,

    Eurogamer uh...

    I strongly believe that if you have ever played a western RPG for longer than 10 hours and do not find that concept sexually exciting, you should close your web browser and rethink your life.

    Eurogamer's preview also contains some new information.

    We do at least find out that you can buy property, and Howard hints that some dragons may not be your enemies.

    You can find links to other game previews in this Bethesda blog post.[/quote]
  • 20 April 2011

    Bethesda would like to see mods happen for consoles

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A news article started at Edge that has now made the rounds across the internet has brought to light Bethesda's wish to see mods for Skyrim made available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

    Naturally, Todd Howard's words have been taken out of context and stretched beyond recognition on many forums, but here's the jist of it:

    It [modding] works on all the consoles. As far as the 360 and PS3, right now there’s not an avenue for us to make that available, but we’d very much like to find a way. We have talked to Microsoft and Sony, and so there's a chance it might happen one day, [but] I don't see it happening for release.

    We'd like to see it happen, because it works, it's how we made the game. I think it's something really cool about what we do, but 90 per cent of our audience is on the consoles, so 90 per cent of our audience can't even see this thing. So if we can solve that we'd like to.

    Before you get all excited please take note that there are a lot of "if's" and "buts" in what Todd is saying. Essentially what Todd is saying is that yes, they would like console gamers to be able to mod their copies of Skyrim much like PC gamers can, but the actual mechanism or medium to get mods downloaded and installed on to the consoles is not there right now, and that medium is squarely in the hands of Microsoft and Sony. You could almost read it as a "We'd love it, but it's not our fault if we can't do it".

    The possibility to install PC mods on the console version of the games is definitely a good thing and people should be quick to avoid the stigma placed on console gamers due to the Call of Duty console kiddy stereotype you might have come across in your gaming travels. There's plenty of them on the PC platform too and we've born witness to most during our time here. Opening up modding to the console crowds increases modding exposure, including the number of people downloading or making downloads, potentially 10-fold if Todd's Oblivion sales figures are to be believed (only 10% of Oblivion players on the PC). That can only be good for the modding community.
  • 19 April 2011

    Skyrim gameplay preview at G4TV

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    G4TV has rewritten the rules of what constitutes a gameplay preview. Traditionally gameplay previews contained video footage the game illustrating how features would actually work in game. G4TV has altered this to mean an interview with Todd Howard where he discusses some details of Skyrim spliced with footage from the official trailer.

    Todd Howard and Adam Sessler discuss the background and storyline of skyrim, changes to the statistics and attributes system, and dragons.

    Please note that despite the name there is neither gameplaying or previewing in the video.
  • 18 April 2011

    Tag filters in categories

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I have modified the individual category pages to add a search bar and an optional tag filtering system for the specific category you're browsing.

    Many people often ask us why we don't add more refined categories to the site as they are struggling to find specifics (like armour for males in the armour category, or building mods with quests, etc.) and the answer is generally that we don't want hundreds of categories and sub-categories cluttering the site. Using the tagging system you can really drill-down and refine your search to the specifics that you are looking for within categories.

    I'm hoping users will find this system helpful. The system is newly made and only tested by me so the changes have only been applied to TESNexus right now. I'll be porting this over to the other sites after a bit of feedback from the users here on TESNexus, so feel free to provide constructive feedback on this update.
  • 18 April 2011

    DDoS attack on sites [Updated]

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Around about 10am today a petulant child who got banned from the site came back with a warning, demanding they be unbanned or they would DDoS the sites until they got their way. Naturally this warning was ignored, as would anyone who made such threats. A little while later the DDoS attacks started and the sites have been up and down a bit.

    We're no strangers to DDoS attacks, we've had plenty in this site's history so please bare with us while we rectify the actions of a brat.

    I will say this; I would never be forced in to unbanning someone who went about bringing down the sites in an illegal manner to try and get their way. I'd rather lose these sites completely than let that happen.

    Update at 2pm GMT
    The attacks are still going on but the effects are utterly negligible to you, the user. The malicious traffic isn't even reaching the servers and is simply being blocked by various router and firewall policies. As such service should be "as normal" for all visitors now.

    Just want to do a shout out to my friends at Krystal, a company I helped found many years ago, who have been hosting the Nexus sites for the past couple of years. As soon as they found out about the problem they had two guys on it and practically stopped the attack within minutes. They continue to provide service above and beyond my expectations. If you're looking for some (UK based) hosting for your website then I could recommend no one better for the job than Krystal hosting, and if you use the coupon code "Nexus" when purchasing you'll get 50% off your order, because they like us and we like them :)
  • 13 April 2011

    OBSE V20 is the stable version now.

    If you haven't checked the OBSE page yet, then here's an update.

    The current stable version of OBSE is now v20. So if you're still using v19 because you didn't want to use the beta versions of v20, then go on over to the page and grab it!
  • 11 April 2011

    File endorsements in their own discussion topic

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Some of you might have noticed that all of the endorsement posts have been moved out of the "Comments" tab on file pages. These posts have not been lost, or deleted, but have instead been moved to a new pinned topic in the "Discussions" tab under the topic listed as the "Official endorsement topic".

    The aim of this change is to reduce the amount of clutter in the Comments tab and separate normal comments and questions from the standard endorsement messages.

    To help mod authors manage the comments and topics related to their file pages I'll also be rolling out a new page for each site, hopefully tomorrow, that will give a forum style view of all the threads related to your files. The page will list every thread in order of their last post date taken straight from the forums. The result will be something similar to filtering your uploaded files by "last comment DESC" but will cover every single one of your files, and make it easier to manage your comments.

    At this time TESNexus and New Vegas Nexus have had their endorsement/comment system changed over and I'll be tackling Dragon Age Nexus and Fallout 3 Nexus tomorrow.