• 22 November 2012 12:21:52

    Steam Autumn sale; discounts on practically all the games the Nexus supports

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    As I'm completely blind to Steam at the moment while playing Planetside 2 I was unaware Steam were going through their Autumn sale. Now, as far as I can tell Steam have a sale on every day of every year (not that that's a particularly bad thing) and they remind me a lot of those stores that have "closing down sales" only to still be around a year later, so I become a bit blind to the sales on offer. Anyway; Nexus user SeraphTC kindly let me know of the sale was going on and, quite awesomely, you can pick up pretty much every game that we support in this current sale at great discounts. Here are the prices at time of writing:

    X-Com: Enemy Unknown £20.09 (-33%)

    Mount & Blade £4.99 (-50%)
    Mount & Blade Collection (all the games) £14.99 (-50%)

    Dark Souls £20.09 (-33%)

    Fallen Enchantress £16.74 (-33%)

    Legend of Grimrock £5.99 (-50%)

    Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition £9.99 (-50%)

    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition £1.74 (-75%)
    The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition £7.99 (-60%)

    Fallout Collection (1&2&Tactics) £5.43 (-66%)
    Fallout 3: Game of the Year £8.99 (-40%)
    Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition £17.99 (-40%)

    Skyrim £23.44 (-33%)
    Dawnguard £9.37 (-33%)
    Hearthfire £2.33 (-33%)

    Oblivion: Game of the Year £8.99 (-40%)
    GoTY Deluxe £11.99 (-40%)

    Morrowind: Game of the Year £7.79 (-40%)

    The Witcher 1 and 2 together for under a tenner? The entire Mount & Blade collection for £14.99? New Nexus entries Fallen Enchantress, Dark Souls, Legend of Grimrock and XCOM all discounted by 33% or more? If you haven't got the games yet and you were teetering on the edge then now's your chance. You have until the 27th of November, or next Tuesday, to get in on these deals.

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