• 12 September 2011 13:00:55

    Nexus modding competition nearing closing date

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The Nexus 2.5 millionth member competition is coming up on its closing date. Set to mark the 2.5 millionth member to register on the Nexus sites, modders have the chance to win some cash prizes ($350, $100 and $50 respectively) for Oblivion, New Vegas and Dragon Age. All you have to do is create a mod that reflects the modding community:

    The theme of this modding competition will be "The community we are in". I'm hoping to see some great mods that cover users in the community that might have influenced you during your time here, the various sites of the community that you are a part of (it doesn't just have to be the Nexus!) and what you like about the community.

    The type of mod you make, be it a quest, a new landmass, a house or castle, NPCs, weapons, armour, etc. is totally up to you but I will look more favourably upon entries that have a quest in them because I'm a sucker for a good quest! That doesn't mean a mod with a quest in is going to win, however, and if you come up with something really unique then I'll probably love it! A Nexus defence mod, for example, where you defend fort Nexus from a horde of trolls with your fellow moderators wielding ban hammers by your side is something I've dreamt about...

    We've just moved past the 2,465,000 mark, but it's not too late to start on your entry. There should be approximately another month until the competition finishes.

    Remember, I'm not looking for quantity, I'm looking for quality, and the winner of the 1 millionth member competition won it with an entry that took roughly 20 minutes to complete. If some of you give me 10 hour epics to play I am going to cry!

    I'll be posting up information on where to post your entries soon.

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