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    The Nexus 10 year anniversary

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This week in August marks the 10 year anniversary of the Nexus sites. I launched Morrowind Chronicles at the age of 15 back in August of 2001. What started as a general purpose news and information site for Morrowind has now spread in to a multi-site network of mod databases that are some of the largest modding sites in the world. I feel a great sense of achievement and pride for this great community which is a testament to some great games and some great modders. And what's best, I feel like I've only just started.

    Looking back it's very easy to fall in to a nostalgic day dream of all the people that have come and gone over the years; some are still with us and lots have moved on in the constant ebb-and-flow of this community. Looking far, far, back I remember fondly my time working with the doomed MEMod team. Some of the best banter I've ever had. Feel free to share some of your experiences in this community.

    To the Nexus *raises glass*.

    Network chronology
    • Morrowind Chronicles (Aug 2001 - Jul 2003)
    • The Middle-Earth Mod for Morrowind (Nov 2001 - Sep 2004)
    • Morrowind Mod Library (Oct 2002 - Jul 2003)
    • Morrowind Mod Hosting (Jan 2003 - Jul 2003)
    • Morrowind Source (Jul 2003 - Jan 2005)
    • The Elder Scrolls Source (Jan 2005 - Sep 2007)
    • The Mod Site Creator (Sep 2005 - Feb 2007)
    • The Elder Scrolls Nexus (Sep 2007 - Present)
    • Fallout 3 Nexus (Oct 2008 - Present)
    • Dragon Age Nexus (Nov 2009 - Present)
    • New Vegas Nexus (Oct 2010 - Present)
    • The Witcher Nexus (May 2011 - Present)

    *annoyingly I accidentally deleted the topic thread for this news while doing some maintenance. Thank you to the 88 people who left nice comments before!

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