• 18 June 2011 17:34:35

    New file feature: change logs

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Some of the site features I have in the pipe-line or on the to-do list right now are focusing on trying to reduce the amount of clutter mod authors put in their file descriptions by providing them separate areas to list important information. One thing that I know many users find annoying is having to try and find a description of a mod underneath all the other information mod authors feel is more important than actually describing what their mod does. Popular things to put at tops of pages are news, bug reports, requests for help, notifications that help won't be offered, requests for endorsements and the full file version history/change log. Personally I think you should describe what your mod does first, and then provide all the additional information afterwards.

    Something I've been meaning to get around to for a while now is a feature that creates a special area for mod authors to list their change logs for their files. Today I've implemented that feature and mod authors can now access the change log feature from their management area.

    Inputting all the changes you've made to your file over time and the different version histories is very handy for users who keep up-to-date on your files so they can see what's been updated and what's been fixed. Mod authors should put in a change per line, and a bulleted list will automatically be created by the site for each version of your file that you add a change log for.

    Once you've added a change log for your file it will be visible on a file page by clicking the "View change log" link under "Options". Similarly if you link up your version numbers on your files with the version numbers in your change log then a new link will be visible for those files that will show the specific change log for that version. So if you've added change logs for version 1.42 of your file and version 1.42 is available to download in the files tab, you can click on the change log link to see updates in that version of the file.

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