• 15 June 2011 22:06:54

    Skyrim developers plan to include romance and friendship in the game

    posted by yoba333 Game News
    According to German website giga.de, Skyrim developers plan to include relationships (both romantic and otherwise) in the game. The website was able to interview some of the developers; and while not much new information was given out, the following statement is present in the article they posted.
    Auch romantische Beziehungen und Freundschaften sollen sich demnach in der Planung befinden.

    Which translates to:
    Even romantic relationships and friendships are therefore being planned.

    This article is the only evidence we have on the subject, as Skyrim developers have yet to confirm whether or not this is true. Also, note that the developers may only be “planning” to have relationships; and they may not be included in the finished game.
    You can read the entire article here (Just be warned, it is in German).

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