• 8 June 2011 12:14:38

    New, more comprehensive Skyrim gameplay video

    posted by Agonofinis Game News
    If, like me, you could not get enough of the seven minute walkthrough of Skyrim gameplay footage from the first day of E3, G4TV has released a longer, more comprehensive video with Todd Howard walking the (at times rather jockish) presenters through a full thirteen minutes of video, revealing environments, enemies and gameplay not seen before, including:

    - Standing stones that function like Ayleid wells, but with powers based around star signs.
    - Horse riding in motion for the first time.
    - Some wolf-on-Dovahkin combat.
    - The user interface in all its glory.
    - In-game conversations, smithing, and the town of Riverwood.
    - More Dragon Shouts, the Word Walls and a lot more.

    I think you should probably go and take a look.

    Watch on Youtube (Thanks, Zaldiir)

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