• 12 December 2010 11:23:40

    Oh my giddy aunt...TES V: Skyrim announced

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Oh yes, it's been announced. Those of us who dared to believe already knew the location (because they registered trademarks in the name of Skyrim yonks ago). We already knew it was in development, but we didn't know the release date.

    It's coming, and it's coming within a year.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced by Todd Howard last night at the Spike TV VGA awards to many cheers, a few tears, and a clapping audience. The teaser trailer can be seen on the official site.

    Do we know much about the game yet? Nope. Any screenshots? Not that I know of. Any word on an SDK? You've got to be kidding me. Does it matter yet? Nope. Lets all try to remain patient and keep our underwear clean while we wait for the inevitable trickle (or torrent, depending on how Bethesda want to handle this) of news, information and content previews to make its way in to the print and press.

    TES V: Skyrim is due out 11.11.11. Which is handy for us Brits because it means we don't get confused by the whole MM.DD format rather than DD.MM format. Hurrah.

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