• 21 September 2010 0:30:30

    New moderators on the prowl

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It is with great pleasure that I introduce two new members in to the fold of the Nexus moderation team on a probationary period.

    DarkeWolf and HugePinball have both generously answered my invite to help moderate the Nexus sites and keep them clean and tidy for everybody. Both will be great additions to the team here as they both have great histories of helping countless individuals within the community.

    Please welcome them to the moderation team as without them, and the others, these sites would be anarchy.

    On moderator selection

    Moderators are hand-picked by me when the need arises. Potential candidates are shortlisted by all the staff based on various criteria including the obvious knowledge and skill of the individual, their helpfulness, their ability to type and convey themselves maturely and their respect for the community before a final decision is made.

    Please do not contact me about becoming a moderator as no member who has asked to become a moderator has actually become one. Thank you.

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