• 10 September 2010 14:38:14

    New Forum Section Available - Software Programs

    posted by LHammonds Site News
    I would like to extend my thanks to Dark0ne and give him kudos for allowing us to try out a new idea and carve out a section of his forums as a dedicated area for modders and the tools they use.

    We open today a new set of doors to the Nexus Forums. An entire section of the forums dedicated to the tools used for modding various games. Whether you are new to the tools or an old hat, take a look and see if you find something new or interesting. If you know of a tutorial or site that is particularly helpful to learning the tool for modding, let us know and we will add it to the main listing.

    Basic information is provided about each tool, where they exist on the Internet, how much they cost (if anything), links to specific tutorials created for modding, links to general purpose tutorials and tutorial sites. If you are interested in learning Blender or want to do some research on a particular problem or want to request a tutorial for a particular subject, you now have someplace to visit that is detached from specific games. People well-versed in a particular tool or needing help that used to hang out in just one game area can now run across other people looking to give or receive help in the same area. This will improve efficiency, communication and hopefully provide a better chance to find what you are looking for.

    Here are the forum sections currently available today:

    Software Programs
    --> 3D Modeling
    -----> 3ds Max
    -----> Blender
    -----> Maya
    -----> Miscellaneous / Other
    --> 2D Imaging
    -----> Adobe Photoshop
    -----> GIMP
    -----> Paint.NET
    -----> Miscellaneous / Other
    --> Audio
    -----> AVS Audio Editor
    -----> Audacity
    -----> Source Forge
    -----> Miscellaneous / Other
    --> Video
    -----> AVS Video Editor
    -----> FRAPS
    -----> VirtualDub
    -----> Windows Movie Maker
    -----> Miscellaneous / Other

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