• 12 August 2010 20:21:19

    Linking to sites that use copyrighted/illegal content without permission

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I'd like to remind all users that uploading or posting "illegal" content including mods, music and files from other games or authors who have no wish to share their work is strictly prohibited on Nexus sites. This ban also includes linking to such content on other sites where perhaps the rules on such issues are not the same.

    Please do not try to circumvent our rules and gain attention for your work by uploading content deemed unacceptable by our rules to other sites and then linking to said content on a Nexus site either by linking the content through a forum post or file comment, by uploading a mirror file in the file database or by posting a picture in the Image Share section with a link to the content.

    Similarly do not link to sites that are known to contain illegal content irrespective of whether you direct users to the site's homepage or a specific page on the site.

    If you do you face an instant ban when a moderator or admin catches you.

    It is not my role or desire to dictate policy for the entire gaming community within which the Nexus sites reside and I would like nothing to do with sites that contain illegal content. If you are searching for such content I have no wish for you to find it via this site. I wish the owners of such sites all the best and their content and policies are none of my business. I stand firm on dictating policy on what content I want advertised on my own sites.

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